45 Funny Yo Mama Jokes To Make You Laugh

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Friday, 29/07/2022 03:07

      45 Funny Yo Mama Jokes To Make You Laugh

Before anything else, no one has anything against your mother. It's just that sometimes, jokes and fake insults about yo (your) mama are just so hilarious! You know these jokes shouldn't be taken seriously, but somehow, they can just get under people's skins which makes it a whole lot funnier!



1. Yo mama’s so stupid, she got locked in a mattress store and slept on the floor.

Maybe the floor was more comfortable than the mattress!


2. Yo mama’s so dumb, when the doctor told her she had coronavirus, she bought a new laptop.

I hope she got an antivirus to go along with it.


3. Yo mama’s so old, she was a waitress at the Last Supper.

I wonder if she got a good tip.


4. Yo mama’s so ugly, she made an onion cry.

This one stings and it made me cry a little bit.


5. Yo mama’s so stupid, she couldn’t read an audiobook.

I can’t read audiobooks either.


6. Yo mama’s so dumb, she put a watch in a piggybank and said she was saving time.

At least we know she saves!


7. Yo mama’s so fat when she got hit by a bus she asked, “Who threw that pebble?”

Yo mama is strong!


8. Yo mama’s so lazy she has a stay-at-home job and still is late to work.

Probably had a late night.


9. Yo mama’s so lazy she woke up from a coma and went back to sleep.

Just 5 more minutes.


10. Yo mama’s so dumb, she called me to ask for my phone number.

Maybe she was just double checking?


Good Yo Mama Jokes


If someone tells you a Yo Mama joke, you better reply with a witty comeback that will either shut them up or make them laugh! Good Yo Mama Jokes can be incredibly silly and dumb and should not be taken seriously at all. Remember, it’s a joke!


If you’re looking for jokes that are like, “Yo mama so funny, just looking at her made me laugh”, take a look at this list of good Yo Mama jokes!


1. Yo mama’s so ugly, she has a sign on her gate saying, ‘Beware of dogs!’

At least now thieves will think twice before entering her home.


2. Yo mama’s so lazy, she stuck her nose out the window so the wind could blow it for her.

This is why I hate it when I get colds.


3. Yo mama’s so American, she deep-fries her toothpaste before brushing her teeth.

Have to make sure it tastes good.


4. Yo mama’s so fat, when God said, “Let there be light,” he asked her to move out of the way.

Maybe God just needed more light sources.


5. Yo mama’s so dumb, she put sugar on the bed because she wanted sweet dreams.

I wonder what she would do for a sweet tooth.


6. Yo mama’s so poor she can’t even pay attention.

Is there tax for this?


7. Yo mama’s so poor when I jumped in a puddle, she said, “What are you doing in my bathtub?!”

She’s conserving water.


8. Yo mama’s so fat, even Dora can’t explore her.

Hola, soy Dora.


9. Yo mama’s so fat she was floating in the ocean and Spain claimed her for their new world.

Who says landmass is a limited source!


10. Yo mama’s so dumb, she puts lipstick on her forehead to make-up her mind.

She’s a trendsetter!


Yo Mama Jokes for Kids


Although Yo Mama jokes can get dark or sexual at times, there are still tamed-down jokes that kids can use. We’ve put together a list of clean Yo Mama jokes that kids will love.


You won’t see jokes about sleeping with one’s mother or anything too dark, but expect to see a lot of fat jokes!


1. Yo mama’s so fat, she uses Google Earth to take a selfie.

I would give anything to show up on Google Earth.


2. Yo mama’s so stupid she thought fortnite was fork night.

She knows where her priorities are–food.


3. Yo mama’s so ugly, she walked into a Haunted House and they gave her a job offer.

At least you know she won’t ever go jobless.


4. Yo mama’s so dumb, she failed a survey.

You can’t fail a survey.


5. Yo mama’s so ugly, she makes blind kids cry.

She just makes people around her emotional.


6. Yo mama’s so mean, they don’t give her happy meals at McDonald’s.

So she gets her own special kind of Mean Meals.


7. Yo mama’s so ugly even Hello Kitty said Goodbye Kitty.

Your mom knows THE Hello Kitty?


8. Yo mama’s so old, she knew Burger King when he was still a prince.

Who knows she could have been Mrs Burger King.


9. Yo mama’s so ugly, people dress up as her for Halloween.

She must be very popular among the kids!


10. Yo mama’s so stupid, she returned a doughnut because it had a hole in it.

I hate it when the stuff I buy has holes in them too.


Bonus: Yo Mama Jokes SpongeBob


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants! Although he’s a cartoon character, SpongeBob has a mouth on him and can say pretty funny and sometimes mean things. And you know, SpongeBob will make for a great Yo Mama topic. In the words of SpongeBob himself, “Barnacles!”


Here’s a list of jokes we’ve come up with when you combine SpongeBob and Yo Mama jokes!


1. Yo mama’s so ugly she’s the reason SpongeBob lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Or maybe she was so beautiful that SpongeBob lived in a pineapple under the sea?


2. Yo mama’s so stupid, she thinks Squidward is good at the clarinet.

The one person who thinks Squidward is good with that instrument is his mama.


3. Yo mama’s so short, SpongeBob thought she was plankton.

At least short is cute!


4. Yo mama’s so old, Old Man Jenkins calls her grandma.

Age is just a number.


5. Yo mama’s so ugly she made SpongeBob shut up.

Your mom has an impressive skill!


6. Yo mama’s so dumb, she thought the Sea Bear wanted to be friends.

She’s just a friendly woman.


7. Yo mama’s so lazy, she’d rather steal like Plankton.

She just wants the secret ingredient for the Kraby Patty!


8. Yo mama’s so blind she can’t see Mrs. Puff.

Puffed up Mrs. Puff or non-puffed up?


9. Yo mama’s so mean, even Karen is afraid of her.

Plankton’s computer wife can be a bit mean.


10. Yo mama’s so fat, she gets mistaken for a whale.

Whales are beautiful creatures.


11. Yo mama’s so dumb she lives under a rock.

Maybe it exfoliates her skin.


12. Yo mama’s so stupid she thinks Patrick is a prophet.

Patrick does have some deep thoughts.


13. Yo mama’s so poor, she drives a flying clam instead of a boatmobile.

It’s eco-friendly because it doesn’t use gas.


14. Yo mama’s so fat Pearl says they’re family.

Maybe yo mama can be Pearl’s mama too?


15. Yo mama’s so hairy, SpongeBob thought she was Sandy.


It must be a pain having to shave all that!


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