Top 10 Best Knock Knock Jokes To Start A Conversation

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Wednesday, 20/04/2022 01:04

    Top 10 Best Knock Knock Jokes To Start A Conversation

All the knock knock jokes to start a conversation available in the market are not the best, plenty of options are available out there, but the tricky part is judging them and grabbing the best one. Find out what are your needs of you and then choose knock knock jokes to start a conversation that fits those needs. The best knock knock jokes to start a conversation is the one that helps you to get the job done easily and as per your expectations.


Here we have listed some of the best license plates along with their best positive feedback from the verified purchased users. Obviously, these reviews are valid and solid, which we made sure of. So now let’s check a sort comparison table.



1. Affirmators! At Work Deck: 50 Affirmation Cards To Help You Help Yourself – Without The Self-Helpy-Ness!


Reviews from Real Users


Barbara Melton

I have over 100 employees and can't reach everyone as closely as I would like. I hand these out to show I am aware that every employee is going through something, somewhere and that I care. If it helps them, a friend or colleague, or they see it when they need it in a week- if it helps just one person, I feel it is worth the effort. They were a big hit with those who needed them!!!!! Thank you!!


Molly Head

Of course I use these at work. Things like this sometimes Can be to corny, or plain and boring. This product is non of those things! They’re funny and whitty. People in other office drop in just to get a daily card. A Fun and lighthearted way to bring some good vibes into the work place. If I find more in this series by the same company I would confidently buy more. The card material is also good quality. There is nothing cheap about the look and feel. Highly recommend!



Just the other day, a friend of mine had a breakdown from stress at work. I tried comforting her through texts, but I'm not that great with my words and sometimes having someone in person is better (but I couldn't do that at the moment). I reminded my friend about these cards and when I got home, I found that she had lined one up right in front of her as she worked.


You will find, on a certain day, that one of these cards fits your situation perfectly. And they're funny and cute. They just make you feel better. A really cute gift!


2. Yodelling Pickle Musical Toy, Fun For All Ages, Great Gift


Reviews from Real Users



We bought this for my uncle (my aunt's husband) as a joke. He had no idea what to do with it and it was a very awkward exchange 


It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. His father's Alzheimer's was getting worse and worse and he would often end up in a nonsensical rage over little things. Somehow they got the idea to give him this, and he found it hilarious. So every time he had an episode, they'd discretely put this in his pocket and set it off, and he'd totally forget about what he was mad about and start laughing at the stupid yodelling pickle.



The pickle arrived silently and observed the surroundings of its new home, taking in the scenery and the chill of the winter. Upon opening the box it let out a triumphant yodel and stole my fiance away. Even though I am heartbroken I cannot take away a star for the loss of my love, as I still have the beautiful box the pickle came in so I guess that's good. I sometimes hear the yodel in the distance.


3. Conversation Starters For Friends – 400 Fun, Thought Provoking Questions To Get To Know Your Friends Better


Reviews from Real Users


Keia S

Here is a card game that is family friendly! My family looks forward to the non traditional games that I bring to the cookouts. I learned things about family meme beds I never would of thought to ask. Even the middle school aged kids got involved with the convos! I do think this game is geared more to family fun and not mind provoking like others I own.



I got 3 of these games for my grown up children.

We played it on Thanksgiving after dinner. We all Laughed and had a good time but also learned a lot about each other.

We decided to play again on holidays.

In the meantime my kids said they have played this game (well really you read n answer the queations) with thier friends and said they would be taking it on thier float trip for camp fire fun in May.

It was well worth the price and years of fun!!


C. Tripi

I plan on tucking a few of these conversation starters with me in my purse, because they’re good questions for any moment you’d just like to get to know someone better.


I bought this deck to bring with me on a trip to visit lifetime friends while on vacation this summer. Guaranteed these cards will get used… and reused.


Life is short. Ask someone you love a question. <3


4. Knock Knock Self-Therapy Pad, Checklist Note Pad For Step-By-Step Stress Relief (Gray), 6 X 9-Inches


Reviews from Real Users


Dr. Braxy

I am not a psychologist, but since I'm the daughter of one, I hereby deputize myself to give [fake] medical advice. Here it is:


You Need This Self-Therapy Pad!!


In all seriousness, I work in a stressful environment that brings up all kinds of issues. Dealing with...interesting coworkers can be trying. I bought this Self-Therapy pad as a joke. However, when troubling things happen here, I've found them to be genuinely helpful in dealing with it so that I don't get too upset. One of my sane coworkers (from the IT department) noticed what I'd written on one sheet and that led to a great conversation. He mentioned he felt the same as I'd expressed and I encouraged him to buy a Self-Therapy pad. It makes you laugh and, strangely, has the ability to help you deal with your angst of the moment. Weird review, I know. But whether you need this as a joke or for your own serious use, I recommend it.


Also, it is so helpful that I will be purchasing a bunch of them to give out at a seminar I do in September regarding overcoming depression. Yes, it is that helpful. So I recommend buying it and laughing your way to a healed space!



A hit at the office! I work at a very stressful environment, so our little area in the office now have a collection of different types of these pads. Whenever we feel the need to de-stress, we pass these out, fill them out "anonymously," then pass them around to share. The chuckles you hear while people read and try to figure out who wrote what is therapy in itself!!!


brittany greenhalgh

Spoke with my therapist before purchasing and she said to be weary that trying to tap into past traumas on your own can be a trigger into reliving them but that if it isn't too much it is a great way to keep track of things that we can discuss in more detail during sessions. Highly recommend! I paired this with a separate journal and insert the page from this pack into that day as needed. It has been super helpful with sorting through some things on my own so that we can have more success during our sessions.


5. Knock Knock Awesome Citation Nifty Note Pad


Reviews from Real Users


Nancy Galyan

I am 72 years old and rarely use the "F" word but my children and grandchildren are not able to communicate without it. I thought this notepad might just get their attention. I mean WTF nothing else is working !


Long Time Kindle Customer

I got this for our Gag Gift Christmas party. It raised a couple of eyebrows; but was a hit with the younger generation. I’m 79; and still have a sense of humor! I thought it was a great gag gift.


Jack Bones

I bought these for my wife as a pick-me-up because her office environment has been a little hostile lately. My wife and her coworkers loved them! They were a huge hit. I don’t think the pad lasted a week. They ran around giving them to one another as a joke for several days. Every office needs a little laughter and this was a really easy and inexpensive way to brighten up her office.


6. Dear Asshole: 101 Tear-Out Letters To The Morons Who Muck Up Your Life


Reviews from Real Users


Katy B.

This book is hilarious and everything you want to write and say now easy just rip it out of the book!!


Alexis Kay

I bought this for a gift and started reading it and wow I related to this specific page so much and had to read it out loud to my boyfriend so hopefully he gets the picture next time he uses the rest room. I kept reading page after page and laughed at almost all of them. I’m not sure how I’m gonna be able to give it away at this point I might have to buy another one xD


Edward P. Bracewell

I feel at least 80% of these letters were about me. I need to rethink some things.


7. The Ultimate Fun Book For Couples: 60 Exciting And Lighthearted Quizzes, Games, And Challenges To Bring You Closer Than Ever


Reviews from Real Users


Amazon Customer

I got this on a whim as one of those "let's get anything to get us through this Pandemic" and holy guac, this has over delivered! On the one hand, yes, it's fun, engaging, and definitely something new. On the best hand? It prompts really good conversations! My partner and I would just keep talking and talking (about things OTHER than our toddler....) and with each new page it just prompted genuine, interesting conversations between us that may not have come up otherwise.


This book has gone from a "what the hell, let's try it" to "Which page are we on? Let's do another!" I deeply appreciate the positive change of pace and the comic relief it's brought as we've gone through the quizzes and challenges. It's something we both look forward to doing a little bit of after bedtime when we finally have our time to connect. Watching TV can only go so far in decompressing - this has been entertaining AND brought us closer together from all the conversation.


Timothy Russell

We have been married for almost ten years and decided to start this book to help give us topics to talk about that aren't the weather and work. We do one chapter each weekend which takes five minutes and it gives us so much to talk about all week. I wish I had this book when we were engaged. I'm going to gift this to my younger sister when I'm done (she is engaged). It is a better fit for younger couples but still works great for people that have been married for a while too. This is fun, lighthearted, and low pressure.


Nicole Fortner

My husband and I love to use this from time to time when we do not want to watch TV or leave the house. It is fun to get to know each other on another level or show how much we do know each other based on our answers.


8. Monster Jokes Kids Cards With Envelopes – 30 6×4 Fun Double-Sided Postcards With Envelopes


9. Knock Knock Make A Decision Pad


Reviews from Real Users


Erin D.

I bought this for myself - no joke - as a way of kicking my own decision fatigue. I can obsess over making decisions! As a researcher at heart, I'm 100% the type of person who feels like they need to read every Amazon review, double check prices, evaluate and overthink before buying anything, planning things, etc.. So when I stumbled upon this little pad, I bought it and plopped it on my desk. Yes, its a joke pad - kinda. But I've also seriously used it to get out of overthinking. Just having it in view on my desk reminds me that most decisions (professional, personal or consumer) are not life and death. It's a hilarious way of keeping my own decision to-do's in check.



Sometimes it can be difficult to find time in the day to get my husband's opinion on certain matters. He enjoys gaming as a hobby and stress relief and I don't want to bother him while he is "in the zone". He also works in a field which is shift work and he can be called upon at any hour to come in if there's an emergency.

I just fill out one page and leave an extra page for my husband on his desk with a post it note attached stating that it would be nice if he could complete the form in X amount of days. After he fills out his page, we get together and share which makes the decision process move a lot faster, with more research into the topic, and is more organized.


The paper is pretty thick and the back of the page is blank. I tested the paper while writing my review going back and forth over the same line a few times. None of my pens (gel and ballpoint), highlighters, or markers bleed through except sharpies.


If you don't have much time in the day or you or your spouse is on shift work it can make things a lot easier, but I don't think it is a necessity. A piece of notebook paper with a pro-con list would probably work just fine. The layout of this pad just makes it easier for my husband which makes my husband less stressed which makes me happy so I think it's worth it.



I am the Chidi of decision making, so sometimes I need something dumb like this to help. Plus it makes fun of you while you fill it out, so I tend to realize that the decision isn't as big a deal as I thought, and I actually make a decision. Thanks "Make a Decision" pad!


10. Knock Knock All Out Of Pad Magnetic Grocery List Notepad For Fridge, Note Pad With Magnet, 6 X 9-Inches (Blue / Original)


Reviews from Real Users



my husband and i are very indecisive when it comes to dinner, so we've been planning a week in advance for years. the magnet on the back of the pad is wicked strong and doesn't slide down the fridge when the door is shut. at the end of the week i pull off the page that we just used and flip it over to write our grocery list for the next weeks menu so i don't feel like i'm wasting paper.


Amazon Customer

If you're like me, you become a "deer in the headlights" when you walk into the grocery store. That's why this notepad is a game changer. We keep this on the refrigerator and check the appropriate box whenever we use the last of/realize we are out of something. I also use this list to plan for shopping trips. There is nothing worse than getting back from the store and realizing that you forgot to buy something essential. Making a list only helps when you think of everything that you need when you're making the list. "All out of" provides a comprehensive list of the essentials and helps with the brainstorming process. I have already recommended this product to my friends.



The What to Eat pad has been really helpful with meal planning. Every Sunday I can sit down and plan the week, then do my grocery shopping accordingly. It helps save money, limits trips to the store, and ensures that we use our fresh produce before it goes bad- not to mention saving us from the "what do you want for dinner" "well what do YOU want for dinner" loop. The spots for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks are helpful too because those meals tend to be more on-the-fly than planned, but we can see at a glance what we have at home without hunting through the freezer or cabinets. The magnet is strong and sticks to the fridge very securely, and the pages are sturdy too. If you are trying to be better at meal planning this pad is a great place to start.


Thank you for reading, hope you will have many good stories to tell your friends!


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