Best Funny Conversations Between Doctor And Patient - Part 1

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Tueday, 10/10/2017 04:10

In this busy world, we need some relaxation and funny things in order to balance our life with Stress-Joy combination. Earlier I had written an article called “Funny conversation between teacher and student” and that widely got more likes and shares. So I planned to write this article, Funny conversations between Doctor and Patient. I try to make each and every conversation with more humor and you will like these every conversation, I believe. Alright, let’s see 15 of the best funny conversations between Doctor and Patient.

Funny Conversations Between Doctor and Patient


Doctor: You are in very critical condition. you are dying and you don’t have much time.

Patient: OMG, that’s terrible. How long have I got?

Doctor: 10

Patient: 10 what? days, weeks, months or years?

Doctor: 10…9…8…7…6….

Patient: !!!!!!


Wife: Doctor, my husband talking every night while he sleeping..!

Doctor: You must allow him to talk at the day times..!


John: Doctor, I have a cold in my eyes for last few days

Doctor: What?? Cold in the eye??

John: Yes Doctor. Like running nose, it’s running eye..

Doctor: Oh.. I got the point.. Don’t wear your COOLING glass anymore…!


Patient: Can you diagnose my illness?

Doctor: Your eyesight seems to be poor.

Patient: How did you come to that conclusion?

Doctor: Even you couldn’t read the front board sign. This is a Veterinary hospital.

Patient: ?!?!?


Doctor: Hi Geetha, What’s your problem?

Geetha: Actually I don’t know how to express my feeling of pain doctor..!

Doctor: Don’t worry, even I don’t know how to do surgery for this pain..

Geetha: What..???


John contacts a doctor over the phone..

John: My wife is pregnant, and her contractions are only two minutes apart

Doctor: Is this her first child?

John: No.. you idiot, this is her husband..!

Doctor: ???


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