• 20 Funniest Answers You Can Give When Asked, “How’s Life?” - Joke of the day

20 Funniest Answers You Can Give When Asked, “How’s Life?” - Joke of the day

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Monday, 09/10/2017 02:10

Have you experienced being asked about how your life is going? Friends and relatives you haven’t seen for a long time would usually pop this question wherever and whenever you bump into each other. Sometimes, telling them “okay” isn’t enough especially if it doesn’t really sum up your real answer. So instead of giving the usual generic answer to this question, why not try these instead.

1. “I’ve taken on more than I can handle.”


2. “Been through a lot but I’m not giving up.”

3. “Life is a beach.”

4. “I’m almost there.”

5. “I’m getting by just fine.”

6. “I have nowhere else to go.”

7. “I have given up. Not really.”

8. “I’m not sure if I can get out of this mess.”

9. “I’m still alive.”

10. “Not sure how long I can hold on.”

11. “I still have poor taste.”

12. “Still doing what I’m good at.”

13. “Don’t have much of a social life.”

14. “My life’s a mess.”

15. “It’s a disaster.”

16. “I always expect the unexpected.”

17. “I’m trying to stay cool but fail most of the time.”

 18. “Still far from reaching that dream.”

19. “I have to be the unluckiest person in the planet.”

20. “I have answered enough.” 

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