• 12 of the best submissions to the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

12 of the best submissions to the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

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Friday, 04/09/2020 07:09

Every year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards highlight the funniest photos of animals taken in the wild. Talented photographers from around the world manage to capture moments where animals seem to be experiencing very human emotions or dilemmas. 


Founders Tom Sullam and Paul Joynson-Hicks started the contest to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. They hope the pictures encourage people to shop responsibly, be mindful of their water use, and speak out about environmental issues — in addition to making people laugh.


The 2020 contest is now open for submissions, and people have already started sending in photos of lions, owls, hippos, and other species striking hilarious poses or pulling amusing facial expressions.


Here are 12 of the best submissions to the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards so far.


1. Photographer Alvin Tarkmees photographed a roebuck deer with attitude in Estonia.

2. A northern pygmy owl in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, appeared to have a hard time staying awake.

3. A sea otter in Morro Bay, California, appeared to find something very funny.

4. Perhaps this brown bear in Lake Clark, Alaska, was trying to start a new TikTok dance trend.

5. A seal on the beach in Winterton-on-Sea, UK, seemed to scratch its head in confusion.

6. A lion cub in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, threw a punch in a playful wrestling match with another cub.

7. A baby hippo in Masai Mara, Kenya, appeared to find its mother hilarious.

8. In Zambales, Philippines, a chalky percher damselfly was ready to conduct an orchestra with a plant baton.

9. Zebras in Nairobi National Park, Kenya, looked like they were having a laugh.

10. A yellow-collared lovebird in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, appeared to share a secret while perched on a tree branch.

11. Photographer Tommy Mees spotted a flamingo in Serengeti, Tanzania, appearing to walk on the surface of Lake Magadi.

12. A lion cub in Masai Mara, Kenya, was wowed by something in the distance.


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