10+ Funny Pictures Of Golden Retrievers In The Hidden Dog Challenge

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Tueday, 08/11/2022 02:11

     10+ Funny Pictures Of Golden Retrievers In The Hidden Dog Challenge


The hidden dog challenge is joined by many golden retriever owners. They shared funny, cute pictures and some need to check carefully to discover the golden retrievers have been hidden. Here are 15 funny pictures of golden retrievers in the hidden dog challenge.



#1 – “Trooper always thinks he’s good at hide and seek!




Credit: Sandy Radcliffe

#2 – “Find Polly! – hidden dog challenge”



Credit: Heather A Zirlott

#3 – “Does she really think we can’t see her?”


Credit: Joanne Mayors

#4 – “Find Maverick! – hidden dog challenge”



Credit: Kirsteen Young

#5 – “Baylee will never know I’m under the table! Shhhh…don’t say anything!!!”



Credit: Janet Bullette

#6 – “This is my golden thinking she is hiding from me! ”



Credit: Trish Eigenbrode

#7 – “Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched?”


Credit: Christa Brennan

#8 – “Difficulty:10 ”


Credit: Andrew Farah

#9 – “I don’t think Duri gets the hidden dog challenge but A for effort ”


Credit: Peter Thịnh Nguyễn

#10 – “Does this count for the hidden dog challenge ?!”


Credit: Pipette Harley

#11 – “find the Golden in the golden ”


Credit: Hayley Georgeanne Cariker

#12 – “This has become his favorite place to sleep lately. I think, he thinks we can’t see him.”


Credit: Laurie Booth Valley

#13 – “Can you see me ?”


Credit: Daphanie Kp

#14 – you can’t see me


Credit: Meghan McPherson

#15 – “Sully wants to be invisible to cats!”



Credit: Alain Richard


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