100 Flirty Would You Rather Questions for Adults

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   100 Flirty Would You Rather Questions for Adults


As the old saying goes: working all day without play makes one a dull boy/girl. And, when it comes to how adults relate to each other, a dull relationship is as good as a dead one!

But the question is, how do you rekindle the spark and the youthful vigor you had before family, work and responsibilities took the center spot in your lives?

The answer can lie in simple questions games like would you rather questions for adults.


Because the game is simple enough, emotionally exciting and always relevant. And, can be played in person with your besties or over text with your s.o throughout the workday.

It is an open truth that anything that makes you spend more quality time together rekindles the initial chemistry. Playing would you rather questions for adults, be it through cards or question lists, over your favorite drink is of the essence.

In the process, you can hold meaningful conversations over life, laugh together, revisit long-lost memories and above all, get a chance to know each other once again in a deeper and more meaningful way.




Would You Rather Questions for Adults


1. Would you rather be the adult you are now or go back in time to when you were younger and free with no responsibilities?


2. Would you rather be pranked about your spouse dying or cheating on you?


3. Would you rather be the one loving more in your relationship or the being loved more?


4. Would you rather have no child at all or have to give birth to 15 children?


5. Would you rather live 20 years into the past or 10 years into the future?


6. Would you rather have your children look like you or your spouse?


7. Would you rather grow old and let your children care for you or die at 90 and trouble no one?


8. Would you rather have an inlaw walk in on you in the shower or your teenager walk in on you?


9. Would you rather have your kids eavesdrop you fighting or eavesdrop you doing it?


10. Would you rather be known by your children’s names or by your spouse names?


11. Would you rather be know by your spouse name and identity or by your own?


12. Would you rather be known by your children’s names or by your own names?


13. Would you rather have more children than you already do or fewer?


14. Would you rather be wealthier than you already are or you are okay the way you are?


15. Would you rather have triplets twice or just one child for the rest of your lives?


16. Would you rather have naughty kids and as stubborn a mule or very dull kids who don’t seem to be interested in anything?


17. Would you rather have your last born take on the mantle of leadership in your home in future or your first born?


18. Would you rather have your spouse cheat on you or you cheat on them?


19. Would you rather move in to your husband’s home or go to your wife’s home?


20. Would you rather have me change a few of my characters or just remain the way I am?


21. Would you rather I take care of the family the way I am or would prefer I do it in a different way?


22. Would you rather be younger than you are or remain just the way you are?


23. Would you rather have married the person you are with now or with a different one you still wish you had?


24. Would you rather not change anything in your current relationship or you’d love a total makeover?


25. Would you rather excommunicate your spouse when mad or talk to them?


26. Would you rather have someone talk to you when in a fight or would prefer to solve your issues by yourselves?


27. Would you rather get even when wronged or let the bygones be bygones?


28. Would you rather die fast or have your partner die fast?


29. Would you rather die together or allow your partner to go fast?


30. Would you rather have an abusive spouse who is responsible for the whole family or a very irresponsible spouse who is gentle?


31. Would you rather have your husband catch you cheating or your children?


32. Would you rather I you take care of the family alone and let me work developing a new company we are not sure if it will peak or have me make use of my qualifications and get a well paying job?


33. Would you rather walk in public holding hands or be romantic only in the house?


34. Would you rather visit a city known for romance like Paris or a place know for relaxing your minds in the wild like the African Savannah?


35. Would you rather confess a mistake first or prefer to confess and tell the whole story only after being caught?


36. Would you rather be sad to make me happy or be happy and end up making me sad?


37. Would you rather accept a mistake that wasn’t your doing to calm down the storm in the house and end up feeling wronged or say the issue as it is and end up hurting your spouse as long as it is the truth?


38. Would you rather have your spouse cheat with someone of the same sex as them or someone of opposite sex?


39. Would you rather shed more weight or you are comfortable the way you are?


40. Would you rather catch your spouse cheating with your best friend or with their best friend?


41. Would you rather have your spouse cheat with your best friend or someone you don’t know?


42. Would you rather have your children see the nudes of you when you were young adults or your spouse family?


43. Would you rather we love each other and never have s#x or we have sensual s#x and not love each other that much?


44. Would you rather we first by our dream car and tour the country or we first buy our dream home and settle down?


45. Would you rather I be a famous politician or a famous musician?


46. Would you rather stay with the younger me or the current me?


47. Would you rather have the emails you have received and sent for the past 1 year be availed to the public or all your texts?



48. Would you rather have your bedroom made transparent for a week or your browsing history for the past one year be shared publicly?


49. Would you rather have your spouse cheat with someone you know or with someone you don’t know?


50. Would you rather have a successful career or a successful marriage?


51. Would you rather lay your belief in science and scientific principles only or in religion and religious doctrines alone?


52. Would you rather have a walk of shame or alcohol hangover?


53. Would you rather cook for me all through or have me cook for you every time you feel like eating?


54. Would you rather raise a happy family or achieve the position in a company you want?


55. Would you rather believe that human beings evolved from their primitive ape-like ancestors or all human beings were created the way they are now in the image and likeness of God?


56. Would you rather have your text messages are checked right now or your browsing history reviewed?


57. Would you rather fake love or fake orgasm?


58. Would you rather live a lone and lonely or in a broken marriage?


59. Would you rather be with a good looking broke man or an ugly rich man?


60. Would you rather a marry famous fool or an unknown genius?


61. Would you rather we make our meals together in the kitchen or we dine out more?


62. Would you rather have a white lie or be told an embarrassing truth that really hurts in front of everyone?


63. Would you rather seek an advice from me when stuck or not sure of something or find solutions for yourself?


64. Would you rather I be the owner and a boss of a small firm with 100 employees or be employed as a CEO of a reputable multinational like Amazon?


65. Would you rather have your partner looking for a 3rd party is a threesome or you do the looking?


66. Would you rather have a spouse that fights you when mad at you or one that never talks to you for a month when mad at you?


67. Would you rather visit Venice of Paris for a holiday?


68. Would you rather we go for coffee dates more often or we go for drinking parties with friends more often?


69. Would you rather have a name and reputation or cash and wealth?


70. Would you rather I spend more time with you at home or more time out there pushing the hustle?


71. Would you rather wait for me for hours or keep me waiting for long?


72. Would you rather we play interesting video games or we play physical games in the house?


73. Would you rather we have s#x every day or twice a week?


74. Would you rather I be kinky or romantic and sensual?


75. Would you rather we try new positions we only desire in our hearts or be comfortable with what we already are accustomed to?


76. Would you rather go for cosmetic surgery to look better than you are now if guaranteed of no side effects and risks or you’s prefer to remain the way you are?


77. Would you rather move out of your country to a different country if given a chance to or stay just where you are?


78. Would you rather move out of your city to different city or remain just in your city?


79. Would you rather discover your partner is a murderer or a rapist?


80. Would you rather move into a different neighbourhood or remain in the current neighbourhood?


81. Would you rather find me impotent or you barren?


82. Would you rather I talk less than I already do or more than I already do?


83. Would you rather be completely hairless the whole body or be hairy all over?


84. Would you rather listen to country music or classic hip hop from the 90’s?


85. Would you rather stay for 10 days without brushing your teeth while kissing each other or for a month without taking a bath while having s#ex?


86. Would you rather have a spouse that complains all through when wronged or one who keeps quiet and never seems like they are wronged when you have done them wrong?


87. Would you rather you see me daily at home or once or twice a week?


88. Would you rather be addressed as “Joe’s girlfriend” and me “Lisa’s boyfriend” or by our own names?


89. Would you rather we kiss each other all night or we cuddle each other all night?


90. Would you rather I give a sensational massage or a sensational mouth thing?


91. Would you rather I prank you or you prank me often?


92. Would you rather I cheat on you or you cheat on me?


93. Would you rather make a sacrifice for my sake or I sacrifice for your sake?


94. Would you rather we do it often in the bed or on the couch in our sitting room?


95. Would you rather we do it often on the floor in our sitting room or in the shower?


96. Would you rather discover your partner was convicted for intentional murder or for gang rape?


97. Would you rather find your spouse kissing a different person or your spouse finds you doing so?


98. Would you rather we continue playing would you rather questions for adults game or we get warm and cosy first?


99. Would you rather go on playing would you rather questions for adults or sexual would you rather questions?


100. Would you rather you play this game with someone else or ply it with me?


Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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