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Yo Mama's So Cross-eyed Jokes


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Yo mama's so cross-eyed, she thought her only child was a twin.


Yo mama's so cross-eyed, she has to sit sideways at the movie theater.


Yo mama' so cross-eyed, when she has sex she thinks its a threesome.


Yo mama' so cross-eyed, everytime she cries tears fall down her back


yo mama' so cross-eyed when she sees a bird, you don't know if it's up or down


yo mama so crossed eye she sees the future and the past at the same time!


Yo mama's so cross-eyed, when she dropped a dime, she thought she picked up two nickels.


Yo mama's so cross-eyed, she can see the front and the back door at the same time


Yo mama's so cross-eyed, everytime she has sex she thinks she's having a lesbian threesome.


Yo mama's so cross-eyed, when I put my dick in her mouth she said "One at a time!"


Yo momma so cross eyed, her husband left her for seeing someone on the side 


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