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Monday, 27/06/2016 02:06

Yo Mama So Fat To The Park


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Yo mama so fat I had to take a train and two buses just to get on the her good side!


Yo mama so fat she wakes up in sections!


Yo mama so fat when she goes to an amusement park, people try to ride HER!


Yo mama so fat she sat on a quarter and a booger shot out of george washington's nose.


Yo mama so fat she rolled over 4 quarters and it made a dollar!


Your mother is so fat, its illegal for her to skydive because the world only needs one grand canyon.


Yo mamas so fat she needs cheat codes for Wii fit


Yo momma so fat she broke her leg and gravy poured out


Yo momma so fat, the only thing stopping her from going to work in the morning is the front door


Yo mama so fat when she lies on the beach no one else gets sun! 


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