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Yo Mama So Fat Singing


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Yo momma so fat, everytime she starts singing people leave.


Yo momma so fat, she gets confronted every time she drinks or smokes because everyone thinks shes pregnant.


Yo mama so fat, she masterbates to the food channel


Yo mama so fat the government shut her down along with the rest of the national parks.


Yo mama so fat she jumped in the air and got stuck.


Yo mama so fat, she had a nice personality, but ate it.


yo mama is so fat when she bent over and showed her crack the grand canyon said "DAMMMMMMMMMMN"


yo mama so fat she can do the truffle shuffle better than Chunk in "The Goonies"


Yo mama so fat they found carmen san diego in between one of her chins


Yo momma so fat, she curves space and time. 


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