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Monday, 27/06/2016 03:06

Yo Mama So Butch Jokes


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Yo mama so butch, she threw the shot-put in high-school.


Yo mama so butch, her dick is bigger than mine.


Yo mama so butch, her middle name is Rambo


Yo mama is so masculine that everytime she grunts, she grows a mustache.


Yo mama so butch, she's the worlds first a one-legged lesbian kick boxer.


Yo momma so butch, even Justin Beiber wanted to be her girlfriend.


Yo momma so butch, she's twice the man you are


Yo mama so butch she takes more steroids than A-Rod.


Yo mama so butch, she fixes her own car.


Yo mama so butch evern her pool table has no balls.


Yo momma so butch, she has a tattoo on her back that says "Who's The Man?"


Yo mama so butch she's one hell of a knockout.


Yo mamma so butch she makes yo daddy ride bitch on her motorcycle. 


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