Math puzzles for kids

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Math puzzles for kids



Question 1.


Auntie brought baby Junia to the Jones house, she was less than 10 months old. Mother holding baby Junia praised:


- Our baby Junia is growing up so fast, she must be 9 pounds now.


- Auntie, is Junia so fat? – Jones widened his eyes in surprise, because at birth, Bach was both small and thin, making the whole family very worried.


Jones quickly took out the scale.


- Baby Junia, be good, sit up here.


Jones took out the scale to weigh Junia, but it wasn't easy. The baby is very naughty, crawling all the way down. Laughing aunt said:


- Jones, that can't weigh you.


- So, is there any way?


- Of course, think about it.


Jones sat quietly thinking.


How will Jones know the weight of baby Julia?


Answer: First, weigh Jones first, then Jones weigh baby Junia a second time. Then subtract Jones' weight to get Junia's weight.


Verse 2.


A young nobleman entered the bakery and asked:


- Prepare for me 9 cakes, put in 4 cake boxes, but each box has exactly 3 cakes!


The owner was bewildered when young Gauss - who later became a famous German mathematician - ran to help his boss:




- Please rest assured, the cake will be arranged according to the order right here.


So what did Gauss do?


Answer: Boy Gauss put 9 cakes in 3 small boxes. Done put those 3 boxes of cakes into a big box.



Verse 3.


Jack's father is 45 years old, Jack is 15 years old. So Nam's father is 3 times as old as Jack.


But the other day Tom quizzed Jack:


- Can you find a case where in the same house, one person is 720 times the age of the other.


Answer: Jack's father is 3 times Jack's age in years. It's called five years old. But, in reality, it's not just five years old. In this case, the only way to calculate the age difference is in months. It's month old. He is 60 years old, and his grandson was just 1 month old. Since 60 years = 720 months, he is 720 times as old as his grandson. This is too obvious.


Verse 4.


The tax station of the notorious bandit states the following:


- If anyone brings cattle through the tax station, they will be charged half. If the number of cattle is odd, an additional half will be deducted. After that, 1 child will be returned to the owner.


Three brothers led 5 goats through the station. Seeing that rule, the eldest brother immediately thought of a plan. They passed the station very easily, without losing a single goat.


Do you know how they did?


Answer: They divide each person to bring only 1 or 2 goats. That way, not a single goat will be confiscated.


Question 5:


Bella went to Mina's house to play when Mina's mother was preparing to make a full moon meal. Knowing that Mina's mother is a good cook, Lan curiously went to the kitchen to see.


Bella saw how many vegetables, fruits, and fish were arranged by her uncle on the table to prepare for cooking. Bella suddenly noticed 5 glass bowls of water on the small table.


Seeing Bella's curiosity, Mina's mother smiled.


- Here are 5 spice bowls: White wine, salt water, vinegar, sugar water, boiling water. They are all transparent, colorless and drinkable. Each of these bowls, you can only try once, will you be able to distinguish which bowl contains what?


Bella was so embarrassed, because she never had to go to the kitchen. Please help Bella!



Answer: First, touch your hand and immediately find a bowl of boiling water. Using your nose will help detect vinegar and alcohol. The remaining two bowls, taste the water in one bowl to know which bowl contains salt water and which bowl contains sugar water.


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