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Wednesday, 15/06/2016 11:06

Everybody Has Secrets


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Billy, learned at school that everybody has secrets.  


So, he decided to take advantage of it. One day, as he came home from school, he went in front of his mother and told her:


"Mommy, mommy! I know everything!" His mom, obviously scared to death:


"Here, take a 100 euros and say NOTHING to your father about it, okay?"


"Okay mommy!" says Billy and leaves the room with a big smile on his face. When his dad came from work, he did the same to him as well:


"Daddy, daddy! I found out everything!" Numb, his father puts his hand on his pocket:


"Here, take a 100 euros and say NOTHING to your mother, okay?"


"Okay!" says Billy with a bigger smile on his face. The next morning, on his way to school, he sees the Postman.  He thought he could try it to him too:


"Mr. Focker, I know everything!" The Postman, the minute he heard it, fell on his knees and wide opened his arms:


"Then, come... Come closer... My son!"


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