21 great ideas to play with your kids

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21 great ideas to play with your kids




The truth is that coming up with games for kids isn't as difficult as you might think. If it's cool, your child needs to play in the sun a bit and you, by the way, also want to burn some calories for a slim body, think about games that move a little more. One ultimate tip: The participation of both parents is also a factor that ensures the attractiveness of the game. Here 2jokes.net will introduce to parents 21 great ideas to play with their baby!


1. The hangman game. Prepare a piece of paper or erasable board to play this game with your child. The game is very simple: the child has to guess the word based on the number of characters in the word. Each time the guess is wrong, the gallows will be drawn with a stroke of "the hangman". Of course, through the game, children will learn how to decode words as well as spell correctly. A typical game of both fun and learning.


2. Freeze game: The whole family must name an animal or any fruit in a very short amount of time, or else will be frozen and eliminated from the game.


3. Play Hide and Seek in the Dark. Children love hide and seek and playing this game at night will make everyone happy. Prepare a flashlight and play in a place where you are 100% safe.


4. Play with toys: You can make your own colorful and shaped toys with cookie cutters and guide children to participate in some stages.


5. Play ball: Whether it's football, baseball, basketball - as long as the ball is okay. Very simple, cheap but the fun is overwhelming.


6. Make paper airplanes: Children (both boys and girls) love to have their own flying fleet. Encourage children to decorate the fleet with their own colors, logos and drawings.


7. Play with Balloons: There is a lot of fun with balloons, from balancing balls on spoons, making drums to using balloons to color and draw...


8. Play the game: Musical Melodies. You can play a few notes on the keyboard and ask your child to guess what song/music it is.


9. Build a school: A school can be built from just old magazines. You can cut out pictures and stick them on plain paper, cardstock or large posters.


10. Show puppets: Put puppets on your fingers and hide behind an armchair. Come up with a funny scenario.


11. Go find the treasure. Who doesn't love treasure hunting? Prepare some simple rewards, draw a map for the child to find the way. It will be fun to watch the children work together in guessing the clues.


12. Collect ice, dry leaves and insects. Gather a "collection" and work with your child to analyze the colors, shapes, and differences between the objects.


13. Go to the park. Children will have a spacious green space to play, run and jump. Dads can play football or drink beer together, while moms prepare sausages, barbecue over the charcoal stove and chat.


14. Organize the race: Children, from the youngest to the oldest, no one does not like to compete. We can race, bike race, race to see who crawls fastest, race backwards... generally anything you can think of.


15. Bake cookies with your child. Even if you don't see baking as a game, your child does. Let them weigh the ingredients, hold the mixing bowl, crack the eggs... Let them be messy and a little sticky.


16. Naval War. Prepare empty plastic bottles, water guns, buckets, spray cans... anything that can hold water safely. Put on a waterproof jacket and play.


17. Making cards for family or friends? Does anyone in your family or acquaintances are sick or upset? Sit down with your children and make meaningful cards to encourage them.


18. Camp in the living room with tents, snacks and interesting stories.


19. Jump rope together. Teach your children the songs you used to sing while jumping rope as a kid.


20. Ride a bike or go for a walk with your child. Children love to be outside and get some fresh air. Going with the whole family is the best, both fun and safe.



21. Kite flying.


Wishing parents will have wonderful moments with their children!

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