20 Children's games from 2-10 years old to help children develop IQ and EQ

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Monday, 04/10/2021 04:10

    20 Children's games from 2-10 years old to help children develop IQ and EQ



1. Role playing game

Guide to role playing games for children


Children and parents together transform into specific characters. When playing, children can become many characters that they want to do, recreate or embody (such as recreating scenes of family activities, organizing sightseeing trips, going to the supermarket, or taking them to the doctor's office). sick, going out, being a teacher, etc.).


This children's game when incarnate into things like going to the supermarket, going sightseeing, ... will help children have more important life skills that you don't have to force, and vice versa, children will not feel. stress and fatigue.


Purpose of training and development


This children's game helps children to be creative and think in organizing. At the same time, this is also a game capable of training children to cooperate with parents when playing: sharing, listening, accepting parents' ideas. In addition, the role-playing game also stimulates the development of baby's language, actions, facial expressions, as well as psychological emotions.


2. Children's game: pass the ball into the basket

Volleyball game purpose:


As a mother for the first time, you will inevitably be confused about how to teach your child. So, try to apply this children's game, it will help train your baby's ingenuity, patience, concentration to be able to put the ball in the basket and know how to coordinate well with parents.




5 small balls.


Paper fan for enough players.


2 small baskets containing balls.


Instructions for playing volleyball game


Place the basket at the two ends of the playing line, 1 full basket of balls at the starting line, 1 empty basket at the finish line. Parents and children line up so that the child is the one standing at the finish line.


When starting, parents take the ball to put it on the fan, balance gently so that the ball does not fall out of the fan, then pass it to the person next to it, and so on until the ball is passed into the basket by the child.


To increase the attractiveness, do not use the ball handrail, only use dexterity so that the ball does not roll off the fan.


3. Goat blindfolded game

Purpose of the game blindfolded to catch goats


This is a game that helps promote the development of children's all sensory organs on the body, stimulating the baby's perception, judgment and orientation.






Safe cool room or circle (if there is a garden area at home)


Instructions to play blindfolded to catch goats


First, the family "scissors and rock-paper-scissors" together, the winner becomes a goat and the loser will be blindfolded to look for a goat. Note: Parents should choose the space in the room with a sufficient area to ensure the safety of the baby when participating in this children's game.


The loser will be blindfolded with a scarf, then go to catch his goats.


The goat maker must constantly make noises so that the goat catcher determines the direction and position of the "goat".


When the goat is caught, the parents and the baby switch positions.


4. The game adds and subtracts something

The purpose of the game is to add and remove objects


Develop baby's observation and memory ability.


Increase thinking ability and train children to think problems




Tools and toys available at home


Pictures, numbers, letters, ... according to the theme that parents want their children to remember


Instructions for playing the game of adding and removing objects


Parents give each item and toy in the house for the baby to observe and name. Then put it all in the bag.


When starting to play, parents will ask the child to close his eyes, and put the objects after adding or removing them in front of him.


Have your child open his eyes and comment on what toys have been added or removed. If the child answers correctly, the parents will praise. If not, parents should encourage the child to continue to complete his game. This game will be an effective parenting method and say no to “whip”.


5. Obstacle ball rolling game

The purpose of the ball rolling game


This game helps develop children's dexterity and confidence.


Besides, rolling the ball over obstacles is also a game that helps children practice hand, foot, eye coordination and orientation.






Obstacles that can be used at home (large milk cans, plastic cups, etc.)


Instructions on how to play


Hold the ball on the ground, stand in front of the preparation line, crouch, knees slightly bent, roll the ball forward with your hands, roll the ball in a zigzag path and do not touch the obstacles.


Then put the ball in the basket.


6. Inspiration box game

One of the indoor toys for babies that you should not ignore is the Touch Box. This is a game that helps children develop their visual and tactile abilities. From there, help children form quick reflexes and recognize common objects well.


The gameplay is also quite simple. You just need to make sure that there is a small hole on the box that is suitable for the size of your baby's hand. Then put the objects you want your baby to guess inside.



Quickly give suggestions and related questions so that the child can make inferences. You can also let your baby decorate these boxes by themselves to make them more eye-catching, making them feel like they want to play with them more.


7. Sorting game

Sorting is also a good game for children. This game will contribute to increase the ability to analyze the ability to concentrate and recognize in children. The right age to start playing this game is before your baby goes to kindergarten.


When participating in the Sorting game, children will have to analyze, recognize, describe and compare different items on their own. You should let children play from easy to difficult levels. In the beginning, it is advisable to let the children sort and arrange the colors.


Next, try to let your child recognize different materials such as plastic, wood, glass, metal, etc. During play, you should stay by your side to keep an eye on them to ensure your child's safety.


8. Bubble game

Regular ball is an outdoor game. But now, there is an indoor game version of this game. You prepare plates and straws for the child. Then, put a drop of dish soap on it.


Next, mix a little water and let the mixture foam. Then, instruct your child to touch the mixture with one end of the straw and blow gently so that a soap bubble is formed.


9. Games I Follow

I Spy is a popular indoor game for kids. Moreover, the game also helps children develop the ability to distinguish and get acquainted with common objects around.


The gameplay is also quite simple. For babies who have never played before, you should find a simple object and say "I'm watching something black" and wait to see if he can figure it out.


If more than one member is involved, you can have the children take turns looking around and guessing. You can also make the game more interesting by limiting the number of guesses the children can make or changing the way objects are described.


10. Game of weights

If you are looking for a safe indoor game for your baby, don't miss the scale. How to set up the game and how to play this game is also quite simple.


You use professional painter's tape to stick it up into a straight line of the length you want. Then challenge them to go all the way to the end of this duct tape.


Try making different shapes like zigzags or spirals to make the game more interesting. You can also increase the difficulty of the game by letting your baby blindfold while moving. This will make the children feel more excited. .


11. Tape Maze Game



Tape maze is a recommended next indoor game for kids. In the process of playing, the baby will have the opportunity to practice his analytical and observational ability. You should start with a simple maze the first time you play.


Next, try adding dead ends to create challenges for your baby. You can also add balls to attract attention and distract children.


This increases the difficulty and fun of the game. Another variation of the game is the number maze. This game will help your child recognize numbers more proficiently.


12. Driving Course Game

Design a driving course, this is a very good idea for young children. This game helps increase creativity for children when creating a running runway, cars.


You can help children, or suggest using unused objects to complete this set of games. Suggestions for you to get matchboxes as a collection of fine supercars.


The great runways are indispensable for the obstacles to make them more attractive and the images of houses and streets more vivid. Surely children are very interested in this game, can ride supercars around the street all day without getting bored.


You can stimulate your child's imagination by changing different types of runways. Ships run by sea, trains run by rails and sometimes fly over rainbows.


13. Fun basketball game

What do you think about the indoor basketball game? You roll the socks together, so the balls are produced right from the hands of you and your baby. Use a laundry basket or other items that can catch the ball.


You can create game rules that make this game more interesting and dramatic. Children get extra turns after each hit. In addition, each time whoever hits the ball will take a step back, at the end of the game whoever throws the farthest wins.


14. Hockey game

Your child wants to play hockey, but you are worried that your child will get injured while participating in the game at the amusement park. Home hockey is a safe way to go without helmets or clubs.


You use a basket or any other object that can catch the ball, and have them tilted to one side as a target. One player will be the goalkeeper and try to throw socks into the goal to score.


Another innovation for this game is that you use cardboard boxes and recycle them. You use a pair of scissors to make holes of different shapes and sizes.


Each such hole you score additional points or gifts if the player throws it in. Roll up socks to make handballs or small playable objects. The difficult circles attached to the big prize are sure to excite children.


15. Hot Potato Game

Warning this hot potato game brings giggles while participating. In particular, this game is great when it is suitable for all ages from preschool children to adults. You take any rolled up soft sock or a ball.


The gameplay is very simple, players sit in a circle, and throw the ball to others quickly. At the end of the game, whoever holds the ball in their hand is eliminated from the round.


Players sing a song together or listen to a piece of music, while everyone is actively throwing the ball to each other, at the end of the music, whoever has the ball will be eliminated.


The game continues like that, until there is only one person left, that is the winner.


16. Classic game

The classic game is a game you might see at extracurriculars or game shows on television. This game requires the player to express a word or a phrase without saying any words. You can easily change the theme to suit different ages.


Describe the animal's name. You choose animals that are age-appropriate, within the cognitive limits of children. Write these animal names on different sheets of paper and fold us.


To perform this game requires two players, one randomly picks up a piece of paper and describes by action how the other person can say the correct animal name. Children's flexibility will increase when playing with friends or adults.


The game will be richer and more attractive when changing to another theme or playing between different groups to increase competition. Try now with this classic game.


17. Duck duck game

Are you looking for an easy game to play indoors with preschool and kindergarten kids. Duck, duck, goose is a perfect choice for you. Minimum number of players is 6. One child will be the Goose, the others will sit in a circle.


Then the Goose will go around the circle, pat each friend on the head while walking and call "Duck, duck, duck, duck,..." Finally, the Goose will call "Goose" and choose any one to replace him. Goose. The old goose must run quickly to sit in a safe position as quickly as possible so as not to be caught by the baby goose.


There are two ways to get a new Baby Goose. The first way, the old Goose will run in a circle, sitting in the place of the Baby Goose before being tagged by the Goose.


A new round of play begins. The second way, pre-determine a safe location, the old Goose just needs to run quickly into the safe position and not be tagged by the Baby Goose. This game is interesting, isn't it, quickly buy: Duck Duck Goose Game Zone.


18. Games for kids: indoor bowling

To play bowling indoors you need a large space to create a "lane". Collect plastic bottles or plastic cups as obstacles.


In particular, you need to prepare an extra small ball that is still working well to participate in the game. If many children participate, form small teams, help them compete with each other, the game is more attractive.


This game can be transformed into another more difficult level. Make bull-eyes on the floor from masking tape or an eye on a piece of paper. Each point corresponds to a different value, the child will achieve his goals.


In addition, parents can also let their children play online games or toys to help them develop more comprehensively.


Above are simple children's games that parents can play with their children to stimulate their baby's brain development. Take advantage of every minute and second to create a good future for your child!

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