The best apps are trolling friends

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Tueday, 24/08/2021 02:08

The best apps are trolling friends



1. Desktop Goose


Goose is a new game released on Steam and it is supported by millions of people for its unique and fun gameplay. Right after Goose was launched, there were people who built Goose applications that took the idea of ​​the game that was to tease users. When you install Goose on your computer, that mischievous goose will make you go crazy with anger and excitement. It will take over control, move around the screen, crash you while playing games, throw application windows, move application windows away. They consider the Goose geese not only to be a prank on their friends, but also as a tool to entertain you. To know more about Goose goose, watch the video below!


2. Jump scare


If those who are weak-hearted when being scared of ghosts with the Jump scares application will probably faint because they are very unexpected, it will not have a ghost scare timeline, everything happens completely by default. Jump scares focus mainly on scaring ghosts with images of long-haired female ghosts wearing white clothes and accompanied by extremely scary screams. The most surprising point of the application is that it is very difficult to find the original data file to delete, even the installer can set a new password to be able to uninstall the application. This is indeed a malicious joke for those who are afraid of ghosts and are alone. Currently the application is supporting both Windows and MacOS platforms, so you can feel free to use it.


3. Scary Maze


Scary Maze is not an application to scare ghosts on the computer but it is a famous ghost scare game in 2007. Until now it is still useful, with simple gameplay like moving the mouse through the mazes. To get to the enemy, each level of the path will be smaller and at the 5th level, there will be a ghost scare when you reach the finish line. Actually, this is also a very scary way to scare ghosts because by level 5 you have to keep your eyes on the screen to see their path.



4. Troll reverse screen


It's really frustrating when we just go back and forth and the screen is upside down! On Windows there is a very fast shortcut to support screen inversion, when you finish inverting the screen, the mouse will also be reversed, anyone who is trolled will not know the way to exit it. They will be so angry that they cry because they can't do anything, mouse control is already difficult and now it's the opposite of hand manipulation!


Shortcut keys:


Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow

To return to the normal state, you need to use the following shortcut:


Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow


5. Change the notification sound to scare ghosts


On the Windows operating system, there are many different notifications, we just need to change the system notification sound to scare ghosts to scare people off. He even ran away because he didn't know where the sound was coming from. The simplest way is to set the sound to scare ghosts when shutting down applications on the computer because a day we often open and close many different applications. To set the notification sound to turn off the application on Windows is very simple, you just need to do the following:


Step 1: Right-click the speaker icon and select Open Sound Settings.


Step 2: Next, select the Sounds tab and navigate to the Close Program item (the sound when the application is turned off). Then, you choose Browse… to choose a piece of music that you want to scream, scream, and scare others. Finally, you click Apply -> OK to save the settings.


To remove the scary sound when turning off the application, you just need to select Sounds to None and click Apply -> OK to save.


6. Swap left/right mouse for each other

It's really frustrating when right-click it to the left mouse button and left-click it to the right mouse, right? This is just a way to change a small setting on Windows for the mouse, but it is also too much of an inhibition for users.




Step 1: Open the Control Panel on your computer and select Mouse.


Step 2: Then, you tick the item Switch Primary and Secondary Buttons to reverse the two mouse pointers together. Finally, you click Apply -> OK to save your settings.


7. Turn off the device when opening the application


Someone who encounters this situation will be so angry that they will cry, imagine you want to open Google Chrome to surf Facebook but suddenly your computer turns off? This is a funny joke, but be aware that their data must be saved first or else you will have to start all over again.


Step 1: Right-click on the application you want to install when opening the shutdown application and select Properties.


Step 2: Then, select the Shortcut tab and paste the code below into the Target section. Finally, you click Apply -> OK to save the whole thing.


To turn off this joke, you just need to delete the command "%windir%system32shutdown.exe -r -t 00" at Target.


In this article, has introduced to you some ways to scare ghosts and tease others on Windows computers. Good luck!


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