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Tueday, 14/11/2017 03:11

We recently ran a competition asking you for your funniest property related stories, and you sure do have some entertaining tales to tell!

The competition has now closed and we’d like to congratulate Angela, Annie and Catherine on winning a £50 M&S voucher each for submitting what Rightmove deemed to be the funniest anecdotes of the lot.




I and my husband were moving from our rented house in to our first bought house.

I couldn’t get time off work, so I helped pack everything up the night before, leaving instructions with my husband.

We had hired a van, and his friend was helping. I popped over at lunch, and my instructions had been mixed up. The bags from the front room were supposed to go to the tip and the bags from the dining room for the new house.

Yes, he had taken all his clothes to the tip!

My boss took pity on me and gave me the afternoon off, and they spent the afternoon rooting round for his clothes!




I agreed to rent a flat at a great price, on the condition that I cleared out the belongings of the previous tenant (a very elderly gent who was a friend of the owner, and had passed away in hospital a few months before). I didn’t mind at all because it was mostly small furniture and books, plus a pantry full of paper bags and cooking pots. Not a problem!

Moving-in day came and I was going about my task with gusto – so much so that I had worked up quite a sweat.

Handily, in the pantry the old gent had stored several string bags full of lovely soft white cloths cut into small sizes, which I used to mop my perspiring brow.

All was well until I stopped for a cuppa, and wondered just where these wonderful, lint-free, snuggly-soft cloths had come from…

I dug a little deeper in one of the bags and saw something which made me stop in my tracks; that all too familiar stitching that makes up the Y on the front of a pair of gent’s under crackers.

I’d been wiping my face ALL DAY with an old man’s pants.

Still, nice flat




I hadn’t been in my house long (so didn’t know the neighbours well), when a removals van pulled up outside of a house that had been on the market for ages. The two men were very pleasant and hard working – one of them even broke off to help me with my shopping bags.

As the owners weren’t there I returned their kindness by giving them both tea and biccies. Eventually they left.

Then, two days later, the neighbours returned from holiday to find their house completely empty!

Red-faced, I gave a description of the two men to the police, the men were never caught and the neighbours never spoke to me.





When I moved into my last flat, the previous owner had a friend who was helping him move all his stuff out seemed like a pleasant chap. It came to key exchange day and all went well, and we moved in with no problems. A few days later we had a knock on the door and it was the friend that had helped the owner move out, we invited him in for a drink as we were unsure why he was here. He then took his shoes off where he had no socks on just bandages that looked like they were from ulcers on his feet; I didn’t know what to do! He then proceeded to tell us that we owed him £200 for helping the other owner move out!!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

Luckily I managed to get him out of the house, but for the next few months he continued to knock on the house and demand the money. He even started posting letters through the letter box! Luckily he appears to have given up now at least I hope!!!




When I was a kid my family and I moved house. We had to move in with my great uncle for a couple of weeks until our new house was available. This was one big mistake! My uncle had lived alone for some years in a large old Victorian house. The house had not changed for years and all of his things were from the 1960s or older and had never really been used.

The first thing to happen was my mother wanted to turn up the heating, this caused one of the radiators to leak, which in turn soaked through the floor and through to the room below. The first we knew of this was when puddles started appearing of the rather expensive parquet flooring. It had run down the velvet curtains ultimately causing them to shrink. My mum then proceeded to do some washing in the rather antiquated washing machine. Unfortunately the seal had perished and the machine leaked, flooding the kitchen.

A couple of days later the toilets all got blocked due to the increased usage so my dad had to spend the next few days down the sewers removing the ‘waste’. My uncle attempted to use a metal rod at one stage and managed to smash the toilet which had to be replaced. Being an antique toilet it wasn’t a cheap replacement. All in all it was an eventful time and one I’ll always remember.




When our furniture left Germany heading to Dundee with a removal company everything went smooth, until the furniture van arrived a week later, all excited to get off and into our new home. Everything unloaded and we started unpacking and placing it into the relevant rooms. When my husband asked where is the tool box. We looked high and low and could not find the tool box that contained every screw and alan key to our flat packed furniture.

We got onto the moving company explaining what had happened and low and behold it had been left on the van as the delivery drivers thought it was theirs. A week later a huge truck appeared in the street carrying yes our tool box. At last we could sleep properly in our beds at night.




We had lived in our house for about 6 months and a new property was being built on land next door.

Our neighbours on the other side suggested that we went and had a nosy around the new property as the builders had left a door open.

Whilst we were looking around upstairs the new owners turned up. Caught red handed! We were panicking a bit as there was no escape. We quickly went downstairs to face up to what we were doing there.

We apologised profusely for being on the property and admitted that we just being nosy. Fortunately the man and woman who were to become our neighbours admitted that they would have done the same and just laughed. Phew,we were expecting the police to be called!

We agreed that there would be no more nosy visits as he said that when the house was finished they would invite us all round for a grand opening!

We’ve lived next door to them for 18 years and couldn’t ask for better neighbours.




When we moved house a few years ago, there was a lot of things on the day that we decided needed just throwing out. The stack of rubbish at the side of the bin quickly grew in size. I didn’t want to leave a mess for the new occupants, so decided (when the removal men were hard at work), to go to the tip. I pulled up in the car next to a very large and very full skip and started to empty my car.

I had jogging bottoms on with no pockets, so held my car keys in my hand. It was only when I went back to the locked car to discover I had thrown my keys in the skip. It took the council men over half an hour to find them, with me both in tears and completely embarrassed. My husband went mad when I finally got back home. The next day I took the council men a large box of chocolates for their trouble. They reassured me that at least one person does it every day? If I move house again, I won’t be taking a trip to the tip.




I well remember showing a gentleman around a house when I was an estate agent. He wanted to see everything and asked to go down to see the cellar. When I opened the door he went down thinking there were steps but in fact it was a sheer drop.

Fortunately he dropped into an old bath filled with foam so he wasn’t hurt too much only his pride and my job.




When we moved into our new house, the previous owners were really stingy and had taken literally everything possible – even the doorbell, and of course being so stingy they didn’t want to pay to redirect the mail either, but I was surprised when the previous owner came round and brazenly knocked, seeing as there was no doorbell left for her to ring, just to ask for all her mail! Quite a cheek but did find it quite funny.




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