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Wednesday, 13/07/2016 10:07

Fast Food Jokes


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Q: What do you call candy that was stolen? 

A: Hot chocolate! 


Q: What kind of nuts always seems to have a cold? 

A: Cashews! 


Q: Waiter, will my pizza be long? 

A: No sir, it will be round! 


Q: What is green and sings? 

A: Elvis Parsley 


Q: Why did the banana go to the doctor? 

A: Because it wasn't peeling well! 


Q: What is green and brown and crawls through the grass? 

A: A Girl Scout who has lost her cookie. 


Q: What is white, has a horn, and gives milk? 

A: A dairy truck! 


Q: What candy do you eat on the playground? 

A: Recess pieces. 


Q: Why don't you starve in a desert? 

A: Because of all the 'sand which is' there. 


Q: How do you make a walnut laugh? 

A: Crack it up! 


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