Best Funny Conversations Between Doctor And Patient - Part 2

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Tueday, 10/10/2017 11:10

Doctor: You have a heart problem.. So, throw away anything which makes you feel bad..

Patient: So, Can I throw your hospital charges bill?

Doctor: ???


Doctor: I have some bad news and very bad news.. What you wanna hear first?

Patient: Tell me the bad news first..

Doctor: Your lab report came and it said you have only 24 hours to live.

Patient: What the hell? Nothing could be worse than this news.. So what is the very bad news?

Doctor: I’ve been trying to reach you since yesterday..!

Patient: ?!?!?!


Patient: Doctor, is there any medicine for long life?

Doctor: Get married..!

Patient: Will it help to live a long life?

Doctor: No.. but it will avoid such thoughts..


Jack: Doctor, my wife drunk a liter of petrol. What can I do?

Doctor: Ask her to run 60Km. Then it’ll be alright.


Patient: Doctor I have a problem, I keep losing my temper with people

Doctor: Alright, don’t worry. Tell me about your problem?

Patient: I just said, you stupid bastard.


Person: Doctor, my son swallowed our house key one month before

Doctor: But, why you bring him after a month?

Person: We had a duplicate key, so we managed.

Doctor: ?!?!


Patient: Doctor, I couldn’t hear anything

Doctor: How long this problem happens?

Patient: It starts just one week ago

Doctor: Don’t worry. you are perfectly alright.

Patient: How you come to this conclusion?

Doctor: Because you answer my questions…!


A Doctor and an Engineer love the same girl..

Doctor: Every day I give a rose to her

Engineer: But, every day I give an apple to her

Doctor: Why you give an apple to her?

Engineer: An apple a day keeps a doctor away..

Doctor: ?!?!

These are some of the best funny conversations between doctor and patient. If you like these conversations, like and share below. Also, I know, there are lots of people out there with more humor. If you have any new funny conversations between doctor and patient, just drop that in the comment box below and I’ll add your conversations with this article if it’s appropriate.

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