20 active should work in Covid-19 services

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Satuday, 24/07/2021 11:07

   20 active should work in Covid-19 services

1. Exercise

Exercising every day is a healthy, healthy lifestyle. Doing simple gymnastics or yoga exercises are pretty good options. Exercise not only enhances physical health but also improves immunity, strengthens the body's resistance. In addition, exercise helps our spirit to be comfortable, pleasant, less stressed.

2. Get enough sleep

According to studies, each person needs 7-8 hours of sleep every day to have a clear mind and spirit. In addition to getting enough sleep, deep and restful sleep is also an important factor in achieving quality sleep. It is necessary to maintain this habit to keep the body healthy.

3. Eat full of nutrients


At home, it is also necessary to supplement the body with adequate nutrients, which helps the body maintain stable and healthy activities. It is necessary to design a healthy diet, full of important basic nutrients such as vitamins, protein, .... This helps the body to be active, alert, healthy, and maintain good resistance.

4. Clean personal hygiene


Daily personal hygiene activities need to be followed such as washing hands with soap for 30 seconds before eating, before and after using the toilet, not touching your face, keeping a safe distance from people, especially with others. feverish coughs, sneezes, cover your mouth and nose when there are symptoms of coughing, sneezing; quickly contact the nearest medical organization for support when you have signs of fatigue such as cough, fever, difficulty breathing, etc.

5. Study and work from home during the Covid-19 season


Surely during the work break going to school and to the office is difficult. But with this 4.0 technology era, nothing is impossible. Many schools and businesses have implemented work for students, students and employees to work from home to limit contact. Therefore, we still need to maintain a scientific schedule to have a comfortable working space at home so that the work is completed well and on schedule.

6. Follow news about the Covid-19 epidemic


We need to monitor disease developments regularly domestically as well as internationally. Update news at official news sites and official websites.

On Facebook is also a form of news tracking, but on sites like this you need to be selective about news to receive, not support or believe in junk news, likes, and false statements.

7. Watching movies


Surely watching movies is an indispensable part of each of us, not only entertainment activities, but many movies also bring life and social knowledge. Taking a break without plowing the movie is a bit of a waste, right? Please choose the right movies, hot and meaningful movies to watch!

8. Read books


Reading books will help us improve our own knowledge, and at the same time help our eyes rest after working with computers and phones. There are many kinds of books we should read to strengthen not only our knowledge but also basic skills in society, economics, literature, etc.

9. Listen to music


Light music can help your brain relax, relieve stress after tired working and studying hours. You can update the best songs through many websites such as YouTube, or music applications, …

10. Learn foreign languages online


Through lectures on the website, online English courses, YouTube videos, etc., you can already learn English by yourself. Nowadays, learning foreign languages online is a fairly popular form of learning for many busy people who do not have time to go to class. And with a prolonged epidemic like this, online learning is a quite reasonable way. So take advantage of this free time to improve your foreign language skills.

11. Learn soft skills


Soft skills are something that must be self-learned and self-trained to have rare people born with it. From communication skills, public presentations to teamwork skills, time management skills, etc. at home, turn on YouTube and listen, you will learn a lot!

12. Learn to cook


Cook to serve yourself and help your family have delicious meals. If you don't know how to cook yet, why don't you teach yourself? Or look for recipes to make new dishes to make daily meals more diverse. Through culinary channels, YouTube videos, you can learn to cook by yourself and also accumulate delicious cooking tips. If the kitchen is warm, the family will be happy, be a good housewife to make family meals happier.

13. Clean the house


Cleaning the house (Photo: Internet) The Covid-19 season is at home every day, so you need to keep your house clean, avoiding bacteria, viruses, and molds from entering. Just clean the house, just decorate your house more beautiful and new. When the house is clean, the spirit is more comfortable, more comfortable and the family is happier.


14. Online shopping


Online shopping (Photo: Internet) Advertising


Online shopping is a convenient form of shopping during the epidemic season. You do not have to go out, do not have to interact with many people, which is the advantage of online shopping. Currently, e-commerce channels have been growing in popularity such as Shoppe, Tiki, Lazada, sendo, etc. with a full range of items. In addition, for fresh food items, you can shop online at the nearest Vinmart stores, where there is also a door-to-door delivery service for customers.


15. Write a personal blog


Writing a Personal Blog (Photo: Internet) The Covid-19 holidays will probably be memorable days for everyone. Surely no one thought they had to stay at home so much until the outbreak. Writing down memories and daily activities is also something that makes us more comfortable sharing those stories on each page. Try to write your own personal blog and see how, half a year later, when you open it again, you will surely have beautiful and unforgettable memories.

16. Grow and take care of bonsai yourself


Playing bonsai is a quite unique hobby of many people, it is not too difficult to take care of bonsai, right. Not only makes the family space more green, clean and beautiful, but it also helps your spirit to be more comfortable and pleasant when entering that room.

17. Play board games with everyone in the house


Play Board Game with family (Photo: Internet) Advertisement


Vacation is a time for family members to get close, connect with each other, and help each other reduce anxiety about the disease. Instead of playing video games, you can try playing other games such as chess, chess, seahorses, uno, Go, etc.


18. Plan future trips du


Planning to travel (Photo: Internet) Although you cannot go out or travel due to the epidemic, you can still plan your upcoming trips. Where do you think you will go after the translation is over? What? Who do you meet?…. Use your free time to read and learn about places on blogs or forums, find out about visa policies, accommodation or travel insurance …


19. Learn to draw, knit, make handmade items


Self-study some small art subjects to make everyday life less boring. Test your dexterity for these subjects, why not? Small and beautiful things that can be given to friends and relatives have a lot of meaning!


Knitting (Photo: Internet) Making Handmade (Photo: Internet) Advertising


20. Call to visit relatives and friends


Calling to visit your loved ones (Photo: Internet) Daily life has so many things to worry about, you get caught up in the whirlpool of work, rice, clothes, rice, money that you forget to take care of things. people around you. Now is the time to slow down and take the time to call, text and send questions to grandparents, parents, and friends far away.

Thank you for watching. Hope the pandemic will pass quickly so we can return to normal life!



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