The funniest sports photos in the world

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Thuday, 19/08/2021 04:08

The funniest sports photos in the world



Sometimes the moment the players wait for the ball overhead, it looks like a scene of single ladies eagerly receiving a lucky bouquet from the bride.



The very expressive face of Australian diving athlete Matthew Mitcham before the water.



There are situations where the goalkeeper can only pray.



Wow, the ball is so scary!



A special time-stagnation moment captured in a cloud game.



The athletes' pull-downs always make fans laugh and cry.



Even if the pants still remain there, the audience is also an alum of the game.



Not sure if these two athletes are wrestling or dancing together!



Besides getting to watch the matches for free, this is another significant advantage of a sports photojournalist.



Whether it's sports or Kpop, it's still indispensable for crazy fans.


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