15 Kids That Have No Idea How Funny They Are

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Tueday, 17/11/2020 03:11

No question that raising kids is a hard and tiring adventure, but once in a while, you are rewarded with a comedic payoff so delightful you just have to share it with the internet. Bored Panda is back with a list of funny photos and posts from across the web of cutekids that have no idea how ridiculous they are doing things that probably made their parents scold them while trying to hold back laughter or just shake their heads and smile.


From accidentally killing the pet fish they wanted to cuddle with to funny homework mistakes this list full of funny kids is sure to bring a smile to your face even if you don't have children of your own. Scroll down below to check out all the kiddo fun, try not to laugh, and don't forget to upvote your favs!


1. Imagination Level 100. My 2-Year-Old Daughter Drew A Pillow With Chalk, Then Lay Down For A Nap

2. One Step Away From Heart Attack

3. These Kids Were Asked To Dress Up As Elves For Their School Play. One Kid Dressed Up As Elvis

4. His Sister Is In Good Hands

5. My Daughter's Reaction When Holding Her New Baby Sister. Much Heavier Than The Dolls She Practiced On

6. My Daughter Looks Like A Mom That Regrets All Her Life Decisions

7. My Daughter Looks Like She Just Destroyed An Entire Sith Army

8. My Daughter's Personality Perfectly Expressed Through Her Outfit Choice

9. Little Sister Was Invited To The “Princess Party”. But She Wanted To Be A Puppy

10. My Friend's 3-Year-Old Son In Preschool Today

11. I Asked For Art For My New Apartment This Christmas. May I Present “Butterflies”, A Painting From My Nieces Made Entirely With Their Butt Cheeks. Lovely

12. Okay, At Least My Daughter Is Cute

13. My Son's Hide-And-Go-Seek Spot

14. My Son Is One "Those" Kids

15. My Daughter Hates The Sun And She Drew Me A Picture Of Her Yelling At The Sun

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