• 14 Photos Of Photoshopped Dogs Wearing Outrageous '80s Outfits That Will Make Your Day

14 Photos Of Photoshopped Dogs Wearing Outrageous '80s Outfits That Will Make Your Day

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Thuday, 20/08/2020 09:08

No dogs were harmed, or even dressed up, in the making of these photos. It's all Photoshop.


Dog Hair High, an art project created by Peter Helenek, features dogs posing as high school students in the '80s. 


Complete with the voluminous hairstyles and fluorescent clothes of the day, set against a plain school portrait background, the photo series (now an emerging social media brand) has raised thousands of dollars for charity and given the internet something to smile about.


You can follow Dog Hair High on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


1. Dog Hair High creator Peter Helenek works in toy design and packaging.

2. It was through testing toys at Mattel that he discovered the power of dogs to bring joy to people.

3. The idea for Dog Hair High came about in January 2017, when Helenek found inspiration in the late Carrie Fisher's directive to "Take your broken heart, make it into art."

4. When a friend sent him an article featuring outrageous high school yearbook portraits from the 1980s, he was inspired to 'throw in a puppy' the way he did designing toys at Mattel.

5. Inspired by the yearbook portraits, Helenek went thrift shopping for vintage '80s clothes and began curating them into looks for canine characters.

6. "The idea was that we wanted to create different archetypes within high school that would be really visually easy to read," he said.

7. He then began recruiting dog models in his neighborhood to pose as Dog Hair High students and faculty, setting up a photo studio in his backyard.

8. The dogs weren't dressed up for the photos — it's all Photoshop.

9. "We wanted to do it so skillfully that when the viewer looked at it they didn't know whether it was real or it was Photoshopped."

10. To officially launch Dog Hair High, the photos were displayed at a gallery event as a fundraiser for Michelson Found Animals.

11. "When we opened the gallery, I had people come up to me and say, 'I was that dog. I dated that dog. I hated that dog,'" Helenek said.

12. "People saw themselves as these characters and that really meant a lot to me."

13. Helenek hopes to create more classes of Dog Hair High in the future.

14. More importantly, he hopes that the comical, over-the-top photos make people happy.


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