• 12 Of The Funniest Photos Of Animals That Were Taken At The Perfect Time

12 Of The Funniest Photos Of Animals That Were Taken At The Perfect Time

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Friday, 07/08/2020 03:08

If you're having a rough day, it's no secret that animals are the best way to turn your frown upside down. We rounded up the funniest pictures we could find of animals just being themselves, from answering when nature calls to posing for all of our wild photos.


Keep scrolling for the 35 funniest photos of animals that were taken at the perfect time.


1. This photo proves the phrase should be "like a squirrel in headlights."

This squirrel was definitely unprepared for whatever it just saw.


2. This panda plays in the snow better than most humans.

This is how all snow days should be celebrated.


3. One way dogs and humans are alike — we react to bubbles in the same way.

This photo was part of last year's Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards, which celebrate pets and the best photos of them.


4. We can only wonder what their daily conversations are about.

In the time of the coronavirus, this seems like a pretty solid way to communicate.


This image, called "How are you, my neighbour?" was also part of 2019's Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards. (You can enter your own photo for this year's competition here before August 31.)


5. This is an epic selfie.

Just say "Cheese!"


This was another stand-out photo from 2019's Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards.


6. This seal has the ultimate disgusted face.

They're shocked by some intense gossip — seals are just like us.


7. This ostrich is ready for his close-up.

As Tyra Banks would say, this ostrich needs to learn to "smize" — smile with your eyes.


8. This rhino is wearing a tutu — or a peacock is conveniently right behind it.

How trendy.


9. This photo's called "Chest Bump."

That's a brave little penguin.


10. Here's some epic side-eye courtesy of Elwood the dog.

Elwood is seen here competing at the World's Ugliest Dog competition.


11. Who among us hasn't wanted to just grab their birthday cake and chow down?

This is proof that primates and humans really aren't that different.


12. When this dog stole their owners' dentures, photography magic was born.

This dog smile is borderline terrifying ...


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