12 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Taken At The Perfect Time

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Monday, 13/07/2020 09:07

If you've ever scrolled through your camera roll cackling at photos of your dog, this is the post for you. These 18 dog photos were taken at the perfect time, showcasing just how funny man's best friend can truly be.


From rocking a cool pair of shades to hitching a ride on someone's bike, these photos will make you laugh out loud at our furry friends.


1. Have you ever seen a human look this relaxed?

It always makes us chuckle when we catch dogs acting just like us — in this case, lounging on a couch.


2. Who knew that combining human teeth and dogs would result in this terrifying yet hilarious creature?

Maggie the dog crept into her owner's father's room and decided to try on his dentures for size. 


3. This dog blends in perfectly with this carpet.

The collar is really the only thing that differentiates the two.


4. Norman is one cool dog.

Norman is actually a Guinness World Record holder — he traveled the fastest 30 meters (98.4 feet) on a bicycle and on a scooter by a canine.


Thankfully, someone was on hand to capture this extremely cool feat ... and to provide us with a meme to portray us scootering away from our problems.


5. No, this dog isn't trapped inside a bubble.

It's just an optical illusion.


6. This little guy was too busy chatting up some girls to realize his furry friend was chowing down on his ice cream.

To be fair, he has a good reason to be distracted.


7. Sometimes, dogs can serve some truly epic side-eye.


This guy, Elwood, was photographed at the World's Ugliest Dog Contest in 2006.


8 .Like many human children before it, this pup doesn't seem too happy to get his hair brushed.

How many squirts of No Tears Detangling Spray do you think this guy needed?


9. It's impossible to know who's prouder — the handler or the dog.

Flynn took home the 2018 crown at the Westminster Dog Show.


10. This pit bull named OJ is too cool for school.

How long do you think those sunglasses managed to stay on OJ's head?


11. Only in New York would you come across a dinosaur walking his dog.

This picture happened to be taken on Halloween but, honestly, this wouldn't be that wild on any other day either.


12. This is just one of many dogs that have been captured trying to catch a treat.

The photographer, Christian Vieler, specializes in photographing dogs while throwing treats at them.

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