The secret to finding a husband

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The secret to finding a husband



Someone said that it's hard to get to know a man well just by meeting them for the first time. This is not true! With the experience of a woman who has been dating for many years continuously with many different types of men, I would like to share with you my precious experiences. I believe that, if properly applied what I am about to instruct, just through one date, the personality, financial capacity and many other problems of the man you are looking for will be revealed clearly. .



First, learn about his transportation! I don't know about you, but I just love dating men with cars. It's not that I'm a pragmatist, money-hungry, but because I'm allergic to other vehicles. For example, bicycles, I am very afraid of its hard iron bar, sitting for a moment, my ass is marked with horizontal and vertical streaks, so red, that a few days later, while taking a shower. Looking down in the mirror, I still see those streaks as if being abused by a lover with a sick hobby; motorbikes are also not good, because I often wear short skirts: if I sit with my legs crossed to one side, I will get tired very quickly, while sitting upright with my legs to the sides, is it any different from entertaining life?!; The bus is even worse, because there are many thefts, and many bosses take advantage of the crowded bus to squeeze their breasts and touch their butts.


To inquire about his vehicle is easy! When you ask him to come pick you up, you just need to ask one more question: “Brother! Does your bumper have a protective plastic sheet? I'm afraid of getting burned on the motorcycle pot!". If he replies: “Rest assured! I'm taking a car", then he's done, he's passed door 1. And if he enthusiastically explains and shows that his car's trunk is made of insulated steel, the cooler it gets, the cooler it gets, or next time pick you up, by the way, I'll stop by the store to install protective plastic panels, then stop it, get rid of it!


Once we're done with the vehicle, we'll continue to test his patience! I appreciate the virtue of patience and perseverance in a man, without that, it's hard for a man to do anything!


I will ask him to come pick me up at 8am, even though I sleep in until 9 every day. Of course, on the day he comes to pick me up, he will still sleep as usual, but have to turn off the phone, or switch to silent mode, but if the ringer is on, he will call me, how can I sleep?


I sleep until 9 am, then wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, excrete, then put on makeup, at 10 o'clock I will go down. If he's still smiling, runs over to take my hand, opens the door and leads me to the car, he's done, he's passed door 2. And if he has a smug face, swears, and rushes to ask to hit me, I would run into the house, and of course, he was eliminated!



End of patience, now comes the test of gallantry. A gallant man is a man who understands and does what makes women happy. When he suggested that he invite me to dinner and asked me what I wanted to eat, I would answer him softly but firmly: "I want to eat seafood, at the most luxurious restaurant in the city!" . If he smiles and immediately nods his head, he's passed door 3. And if he advises you not to eat seafood because it increases the risk of gout as well as cardiovascular diseases, obesity. obesity, diabetes, and then suggest taking you out to eat vermicelli, or porridge, or vermicelli, that's all!


After going through 3 doors, it proves that he is a pretty good man, only one last door left to conclude that he is worthy of your love. That last door is a test of his decency. A decent man is a man who always keeps his composure, does not lose control, does not panic, is not seduced, manipulated even though in front of him is a flirtatious, seductive woman. , invite.


To do this challenge, choose to wear a very short skirt with a wide neck, how to make sure that when you bend down, or when you sit and pose with the distance between the knees is approximately 5 cast iron (about 1 meter), all your secrets are exposed naked. Then during the meal, you often pretend to adjust your shoes, or pull back your chair as an excuse to bend over in front of him; or you can throw the spoon under the table, then say you accidentally dropped it so that he can get in for you (remember, when he gets down, you have to sit and pose with your knees 5 inches apart) . If he goes down to pick it up and then comes up right away, his face still normal, we can temporarily conclude that he is quite a decent person. And if he hid under the table for a dozen minutes, then you call forever and still won't come up with the excuse that he hasn't found a spoon, and when he comes up, his face is red, his eyes are dull, and his drool is dripping. around his mouth, it's clear that he's not fine.



The reason why we are not in a hurry to jump to conclusions whether to eliminate him or let him through the last door is because this challenge still has one more step: that is, during the meal, you take the initiative to offer him a few glasses of wine. Then when you get in the car to go home, act like you're drunk, lean on his shoulder, and squirm around.


Thanks for watching. Hope the above article will help you choose the right husband!

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