Funny Conversation between Teacher and Student

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Sometimes the funny conversation between teacher and student makes us laugh. Every class has at least one or two students who purposely asking silly questions to teachers which make everyone laugh. When I was in high school, there was a guy who was my good friend, purposely asked funny questions to lecturer and make every one of us laugh.

Without talking much, let’s jump into the funny conversation between teacher and student. I’m going to line-up the best 18 funny conversations between teacher and student. So are you ready to recall your school memories and laugh out loud?


Teacher: Tell me an example of a creature who can live on land as well as water?

Student: Frog

Teacher: Good. But give me another example, please

Student: Another Frog..!


Teacher: Hide your answer sheet, the one behind you is copying.

Student: Sir, let him do. I don’t want to fail alone.


Teacher punished John and let him stand outside the class.

John: (Stand outside and laugh)

Teacher: Why are you laughing John?

John: I’m an OUTSTANDING student.

Teacher: How you say that?

John: Because I always STAND OUTSIDE the class..!


Teacher: Why do we drink water?

Andrew: Because we can’t eat water, sir.

Teacher: How was your night Andrew?

Andrew: I don’t know sir because I was sleeping.


Andrew was expelled from school and went to look for a job. 


Boss: I will pay you $5,000 per month then after 3 months I will increase it to $15,000. So when do you want to start?

Andrew: After 3 months sir.


Teacher: Why are you late?

Student: Because of the sign madam.

Teacher: What is that sign?

Student: The one which says, “School ahead, Go slow”.


Sir: Today’s topic is Photosynthesis

Student: Okay sir.

Sir: Tell me, what’s Photosynthesis?

Student: Today’s topic.


Teacher: Jack, What is the chemical formula of Water

Jack: H I J K L M N O

Teacher: What are you talking about Jack? I just asked you the chemical formula of water.

Jack: Yes Madam. I answered for that. Didn’t you remember that yesterday you taught me the chemical formula of water is H to O?


Medical College Professor to a girl student: Which human body part expands 5 times its normal size?

Girl Student: Sir I can’t answer this question, it’s too embarrassing.

Professor asked the same question to a male student.

Male Student: It’s the Pupil of a human eye.

Professor: Correct.

Then Professor turned to the female student and said, “Listen lady, Not only your thinking is wrong but your expectations are also very high”. 5 times is too much.


Teacher: John, go to the map and find America

John: (He go to the map and point out the correct place) Here it is sir..!

Teacher: Excellent John. Now class, Who discovered America?

Class: (All of them together) It’s John.


Student: Wish you happy Techer’s day sir.

Sir: Who are you?

Student: I am one of your old students.

Sir: Write ‘Teacher’ ten times.


Teacher: Jessie, Give me a sentence which starting with the letter “I”

Jessie: I is….

Teacher: No Jessie, Always the letter “I” start like I am….

Jessie: Ok Madam.” I am the ninth letter of the Alphabet”


Teacher: whoever answers my next question, can go home.

One boy throws his bag out the window.

Teacher: who just threw that?

Boy: Me! I’m going home now.


Teacher: People of blood group A can only take blood from donors of “A” group blood and People of blood group B can only take blood from donors of “B” group blood. But some can accept blood from any group and who are they?

Student: (Thought for a few seconds and reply) Madam, it’s MOSQUITOES.


Teacher: Why your paper is blank?

Student: Sometimes silence is the best answer.


Teacher: Harry, What is close to us? Australia or the moon?

Harry: The moon, sir.

Teacher: That’s wrong Harry. How did you say that the moon is closer than Australia?

Harry: Because We can see the moon from here. But we can’t see Australia.


Teacher: John, Drinking more water is good or bad?

John: Undoubtedly, Good madam

Teacher: Very good, So John tell me why we drink water?

John: Because we can’t eat water, madam. That is why we drink water.


Teacher: Name 5 animals that live in water

Student: Frog…

Teacher: Very good. Name other 4 animals.

Student: His mother, His father, His sister and His brother..!


Teacher: Jack, How old is your father?

Jack: As old as I am.

Teacher: How is that possible Jack?

Jack: He became a father only after I was born..!

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