18 Things Only Lazy People Will Understand

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Friday, 27/10/2017 10:10

Life is hard when you’re lazy. If you could, you would hire someone to get the remote for you when it’s on the other side of the couch. 


There are certain things that you can only appreciate when you’re lazy:


1. You almost didn't bother reading this article - 18 things is just like a lot to read...


2. When you drop something you kinda just leave it there. Someone will eventually pick it up.


3. You have like eight different alarms, each set five minutes apart.


4. The awkwardness that is taking the elevator despite only going up to the 2nd or 3rd floor (or 1st). Pressing that button despite feeling the judgement of people’s eyes on your back deserves proper recognition.


5. Blow drying your hair is like a hardcore workout...you have to, like, do stuff with the fan and the blow-dryer at the same time! You did it once and swore, "never again."


6. You find one clean sock but you can’t find the matching one, so you just kinda pick up a random one from the floor….


7. Contouring…Ha! Good one.


8. Wet hair drives you crazy. You don’t have the patience to sloowwly brush all the way from the ends of your hair, gently making your way upwards. Ughghgh!!


9. You’re not exactly a homebody…it's just that going out requires you to actually talk to people.


10. You also love laying around in your underwear too much…


11. And ‘Friends' is now on Netflix.


12. You don't understand why on earth someone would want to go out to eat and have to act normal when you can just order anything you want to your door all while wearing a blanket as clothing.


13. You get really excited at like, 8 pm, to go out and make cool plans but then you get really into your show and your Seamless order is coming soon so you end up awkwardly canceling your way out of it.


14. All of your potential outfits are neatly organized…in a pile on the floor.


15. You’d rather walk 5 blocks with your shoe untied than have to crouch down on the ground and tie it.


16. You feel an intense fury when you sink down into your couch with your food, ready to watch your favorite show, and then realize that the fork is all the way across the room. NOOOOOOO!!!


17. You worship whoever invented spellcheck.  


18. And makeup remover wipes.   

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