18 Funny Examples of Irony In Real Life

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Tueday, 19/12/2017 05:12

The definition of irony: a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems the opposite of what you expected. When it comes to finding examples of irony, life proves stranger (and funnier) than fiction.


What's ironic about Alcoholics Anonymous?

The founder of AA asked for whiskey on his deathbed.


What's ironic about McDonald's?

McDonalds' own employee health page warns against eating McDonald's burgers and fries. 


What's ironic about 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'?

Every year ABC cuts down A Charlie Brown Christmas—a movie about the over-commercialization of the holidays—to make room for more commercials.


What's ironic about Charlie Chaplin?

He once entered a "Charlie Chaplin walk" contest… and came in 20th.


What's ironic about the inventor of the stop sign?

"Father of Traffic Safety" William Eno invented the stop sign, crosswalk, traffic circle, one-way street, and taxi stand—but never learned how to drive.


What's ironic about the Church of Scientology?

The Cult Awareness Network (CAN), once a leading anti-cult hotline, is now owned by the Church of Scientology.


What's ironic about Al Capone?

Al Capone's older brother was a federal Prohibition agent.


What's ironic about the man who invented basketball?

The only losing basketball coach in University of Kansas history is James Naismith—the man who invented basketball in 1891.


What's ironic about Pizza Hut?

Before 2012, the largest purchaser of kale in America was Pizza Hut. They used it as garnish around their salad bars. By the way, these superfood veggies could be the next kale.


What's ironic about Julius Caesar?

The site where Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 BC is now a no-kill animal shelter for homeless cats.


What's ironic about Alexander Graham Bell?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, but refused to keep one in his study. He feared it would distract him from his work.


What's ironic about duct tape?

According to researchers, duct tape should never be used for sealing ducts. But you can use duct tape in these other extraordinary ways.


What's ironic about a hotel made of ice?

Sweden's famous Ice Hotel has a smoke detector.


What's ironic about a man who survived going over Niagra Falls?

The first man to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel died after slipping on an orange peel.


What's ironic about the inventor of Liquid Paper?

She was fired from her secretarial job for failing to white-out a mistake.

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