• 13 Insane Identical Twin Stories That Are Almost Too Funny To Believe

13 Insane Identical Twin Stories That Are Almost Too Funny To Believe

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Thuday, 12/10/2017 04:10

I can’t speak from experience, but I can only imagine that being an identical twin must make life pretty darn interesting. Just think: there’s another person out there, living their life, looking exactly like you.


Think of all the times that acquaintances must mix up identical twin siblings — all the suspected infidelity; the accidental kisses on the wrong twin’s cheek.


While some of these mix-ups might be embarrassing at the time, they all make for really incredible stories. It seems that if you’re a twin, you’ve got to be ready for this sort of thing.


These 13 stories from twins, or people who have twins in their lives, are all pretty amazing. Sometimes they’re accidental, and sometimes they are elaborate plots set up by the twins themselves. Either way, I wish I could have been there for all of them to see the looks on everyone’s faces.


Do you have a twin? Do you know a twin with a wacky story? Situations like the ones below must happen much more often than we think!



“A friend and his wife go to the same supermarket every week. His identical twin also goes there, with his wife. One day, after summoning up the courage, the cashier pulls my friend’s wife aside and says: ‘I’m sorry to have to tell you this but I’ve seen your husband here several times with another woman.'” — 8979323



“My friend said ‘Hi’ to his brother one morning. Well, it turns out his brother was actually his own reflection in a window. His mom witnessed it and has never let him live it down.” — MaddMaddWorld



“When we were in the 6th grade, my brother decided he wanted to stay at home because he wasn’t feeling well. I was walking down the hall and, all of a sudden, I was pulled in by a teacher who I had never seen before. She started yelling at me because I skipped her class and I had the audacity to walk in front of her classroom right after.


“It was really awkward to just say, ‘Uhh, I have an identical twin brother…’ She thought I was making a terrible excuse and I had to go get another teacher that knew I had a brother to come tell her that I was telling the truth.” — JSweat



“I joined the Peace Corps shortly after he became a Marine officer, and worked as a teacher in Eastern Europe. Over drinks at a dinner during my service with friends of my host family, one of the gentlemen used to be a Soviet helicopter pilot and asks me if I’d like to see his uniform. We’re almost exactly the same size, and he lets me try it on. Thinking how cool this is, I post a picture online wearing it to show everyone.

“My brother calls me a few days later pissed as all hell because during his screening for a security clearance someone finds pictures of him wearing perfectly tailored Soviet regalia. He yells at me for getting brass up his ass and complains that he might get his clearance postponed. We still laugh about it.” — Thelastterminator



“I was dating a girl in college, the first time I went to her house, she opened the door, I told her I liked what she did to her hair and kissed her, she kissed me, we went inside, she then yells ‘your boyfriend is here.’ They were weird girls.” — vairoletto



“My brother and I both entered into the science fair. Before the awards ceremony, he got sick, so I went with just my mom. My brother won first place and I didn’t place at all. When they called his name, my mom made me go up for him. In the moment, I should have felt proud of my brother, but instead, I just started crying on stage and weirded everybody out.” — frrll



“The McDonalds manager often puts one on the pay window and the other on the food window just to mess with customers.” — Goldendamo



“My twin brother was President of the class and I was Vice President our junior year. When it came time for after school re-election speeches for senior year, my brother completely forgot and walked home. I did my speech for Vice President, then borrowed a friend’s shirt and made up a Presidential speech for him on the spot. We both won.” — Brandanp



“My twin brother and I once used our identicalness at a Christmas party. My brother was supposed to play Santa, so he goes off to ‘find him’. I’m in the building, and put on the suit. I go into the party (most of my brother’s church hadn’t met me) and the kids all think they know who I am.

“Five or ten minutes later my brother comes in saying ‘Sorry guys, I couldn’t find the costume…’ and then all the kids lose their minds.” — CaptainChewbacca



“I studied a second language and my sister didn’t, so she occasionally had professors spot her on campus and talk to her in a language she didn’t understand.” — UWhatMate



“There was a teacher at my high school who had lost an arm and also had a twin brother. Sometimes people not knowing he had a twin would run into the twin and would freak out that he had an arm. Apparently the guy would jest with them and tell them about arm transplants and stuff before fessing up.” — Justicepain



“Me and my twin brother were in the same high school economics class. Everyone in the class thought he was funny, but I was more quiet and polite. One day we switched seats. He was being his usual annoying self and getting destroyed by the teacher. She didn’t think he was funny at all. At the end of class he says to me, ‘wow, she hates you!'” — storm_troopin



“We had the same Spanish class. Our teacher got us confused all semester. During finals, for the speaking portion she would go into the hall and one student would go out and do their thing. I went out and did it and later, my brother and I switched shirts and I went out again to do it for him. He wasn’t very good at Spanish. She fell for it and the worst part is I got him a better score than I got for myself.” — stinky_kneepit


The teacher must have been especially proud of the brother who studied extra hard for the test!

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