Some of the funniest and craziest animal jokes and puns on the internet!

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Sunday, 13/02/2022 10:02

   Some of the funniest and craziest animal jokes and puns on the internet!



From furry little creatures to big, scary sharks, we love animals of all shapes and sizes. Animals scare us, love us and surprise us. But sometimes they are even fun for us.


Now let’s take a look at some of the funniest and craziest animal jokes and puns on the internet!


animal jokes


1- Why did the pony go to the doctor?


He was a small horse.


2- What does a cat eat before the main meal?


A mouse bouche.


3- What do you call a guy with ten pet rabbits?




4- Why do rabbits like diamonds?


Because they are made of carats.


5- What grade did the chicken get in class?




6- Whom does a cow call when she moves?


The Moo-verse.


7- Which bird can’t hold its alcohol?


A toucan.


8- Why did the cat go to jail?


He committed a feline-oney.


9- Which cows are the best dancers?


Those who can moo and walk.


10- Which reptile watches over the behavior of all other animals?


The monitor lizard.


11- What was the sheep that was sent to prison?


For being Baa-d.


12- Why did the fish go to the nightclub?


Because they’re all about the bass.


13- Why are pythons the best plumbers?


Because they know how to snake a drain.


14- What kind of fish is the funniest?


A clown fish.


15- Why do camels hate Wednesdays?


Because it’s hump day.


16- What food in San Francisco do cats love?




17- What kind of fish sits around all day doing nothing?


A stone fish.


18- What do you call a very large mouse?


A hippopotamus mouse.


19- Why did the rhino go to the doctor?


He needed a nose job.


20- Why didn’t the labrador go to the party?


He was in the kennel.


21- Which whales are the best violinists?


A bowhead whale.


22- What do pandas and penguins have in common?


Both love black and white films.


jokes about elephants


1- Where is an elephant’s favorite spot in Italy?




2- Why didn’t the elephant go to the party?


He was tired of always being the elephant in the room.


3- Why didn’t the elephants use a daily planner?


Because an elephant never forgets.


4- How did the elephant come to Europe?


He took a jumbo jet.


5- Why are elephants the best movers?


Because they have a lot of trunk space.


jokes about sharks



1- Why wasn’t the great white man invited to the card game?

Because he was a card shark.


2- Why did the shark get up from the table?

Because he was done.


3- What happened to the shark that was thrown out of the ocean?

He became a land shark.


4- Why didn’t the shark go to the tailor?

He was afraid of becoming a sharkskin suit.


5- What is a shark’s favorite country?



Jokes about giraffes


1- Why did the giraffe win a prize?


For beating the competition head and shoulders.


2- Why didn’t the giraffe report the crime to the police?


He didn’t want to stick his neck out.


3- What is the name of the king of giraffes?


His Highness.


4- Why do people not like giraffes as customers?


They always place a big order.


5- How does a giraffe cross the river?


They use a gir raft.


Turkey jokes


1. What do you call a running turkey?


Fast food!


2. Why did the turkey say no to dessert?


He said he was stuffed already.


3. Why are movies playing from Turkey restricted?


Because of their bird language.


chicken jokes


1. Why don’t chickens like people?


They beat eggs.


2. What do poetic chickens like?


Spoken Word Poultry.


3. Why did the rooster go to KFC?


He wanted to see the chicken strip


4. Why didn’t the chicken go to KFC?


It wasn’t on her bucket list.


cat jokes


1. What did the mother cat say to her children?


Stop messing around kitty.


2. Why did the cat go to prison?


He committed a feline-oney.


3. Who gives presents to good cats at Christmas?


Christmas claws.


4. What San Francisco food do cats like to eat?




duck jokes


1. What snacks do ducks like to eat with their cheese?




2. There were no more clients for the duck doctor.


Everyone knew he was a quack!


3. What was the name of the secret agent’s duck?


James Pond!


dog jokes


1. Why did the dog go to yoga?


Working on his paw.


2. How did the dog get on a plane?


From an air paw.


3. How does the dog motivate its pack?


He gives them a puppy talk.


jokes about dinosaurs


1. What do you call a gigantoraptor that won’t stop talking?


A dino holes.


2. How do you invite a tyrannosaur to lunch?


Tea, Rex?


3. What do you call a polite dinosaur?


A pleaseyosaur.


cow jokes


1. Why did the cow travel to space?


To visit the Milky Way


2. How do cows like their coffee?




3. What do you call a cow on a bouncy castle?


A milkshake


Thank you for reading, have a good time!

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