Penguins Drive Cars--Short Really Funny Animal Jokes For Adults

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Monday, 15/08/2016 11:08

Penguins Drive Cars


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On a really hot day, a penguin takes his car to a mechanic. The penguin asks, "How long will it be?" The mechanic says, "Just a few minutes."


So the penguin decides to go get an ice cream at the grocery store across the street. When the penguin gets there, he climbs inside the big freezer door and starts to eat ice cream.


Three hours go by before the penguin looks at his watch and jumps out of the freezer and races back to the mechanic.


With ice cream all over his face and his stomach, he asks, "So how's my car?"


The mechanic comes walking out wiping his hands on a rag and says, "Looks like you blew a seal." The penguin says, "No, I was just eating ice cream."


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