Man's "joke" with wild animals

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Monday, 20/09/2021 10:09

    Man's "joke" with wild animals


A circus elephant performs a rope swing between two tree trunks, two giraffes take advantage of the "skylight" to dry clothes, a zebra "flips up into the sky" thanks to a balloon... is a humorous part of a series of animal photos called "Hakuna Matata" by Paris-based photographer Thomas Subtil.


Hakuna Matata is a Bantu (East African) idiom, which translates to "To live without worries". This idiom can also be translated as "No worries" or "No problem".



This message is delivered in fun black and white images. According to the author, the image of animals becomes the subject of fun games just like humans.



The pictures bring a sense of humor as a joke: animals have the right to dream, fly, and play like humans. They have the right to "not worry" as the saying goes "Hakuna Matata".



But in fact, will "friends of man" ever get "Hakuna Matata", when every day, we humans continue to hunt, butcher, and exterminate wild animals?



According to figures from CITES, in 2011, poachers killed about 25,000 African elephants. Some have suggested that the true number could be as high as twice that.



What is left of Africa now, what is left of the wildlife world, after the "tragedies" under the pressure of poaching, increasingly unusual climate change, or rampant encroachment of humans into the natural habitat?



“All creation, human or non-human, is equal in the right to life.” Do humans treat animals as they deserve, or is it simply a joke?



Thank you for watching! Let's join hands to protect wildlife!

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