Obscene jokes for large viewers

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   Obscene jokes for large viewers



1. Buy bananas for husband:


A teacher heard that her husband was sick at home. On the way home from teaching, remembering her husband, she stopped by the grocery store to buy some bananas to nourish her husband.

Taking the bus home, although it was cramped, scurried back and forth, but because of her love for her husband, she firmly grasped the banana and did not let go. Thinking of her husband's happy eyes, she kept more bananas.

At the stop, the bus stopped, suddenly the man standing behind her lightly patted her shoulder and gently said: "Teacher! Please ... let go of my hand and let me down".


2. Perfect architectural works:


At the conference on architectural wonders of the world organized by UNESCO in Norway, after 12 hours of discussion and criticism, the prize for the most beautiful man-made architecture was awarded to Greece and the prize for the most enthusiastic criticism was awarded to Greece. given to the Vietnamese delegation. At the closing of the conference, a German architect had a true and beautiful saying:

- I have traveled to many places in the world and am also fortunate to admire many wonders. But in my opinion, the woman's body is the most beautiful and perfect structure that the Creator has given to us humans.

All the delegates present at the congress clapped loudly, but in a far corner, the Vietnamese expert was still sitting quietly. Waiting for the applause to stop, he stood up and said loudly:

- Who told you it was the most perfect project? According to me still

Not a small mistake, it must be said that it is also quite large, the entertainment area is located too close to the toilet area.


3. Chatting in the toilet is obscene:


Entering the public toilet, the guy just sat down when a female voice from the other room sounded.

- Are you good?

Although he found it a bit strange, the guy also replied: Yeah, I'm fine too.

The voice on the other side came again: How do you feel?

Feeling embarrassed, the guy still replied: I feel comfortable.

The voice on the other side was confused: I must hang up the phone, because every time I ask you, a sick guy in the next bathroom jumps in to answer.


4. The great father and the young woman:


On the bus back to the church, the priest sat next to a lovely young woman. It may be intentional or unintentional, but after Father tried to put his hand on the girl's lap, she asked the great-grandfather:

- Do you remember what it says in the bible, page 89, line 11 from the bottom up?

Shivering, Father tried to quickly withdraw his hand and said:

- Sorry, I'm studying to be a great-grandfather.

Honestly, Father-in-law didn't even know what that line said. When I got home, I tried to open the bible and found it said: "Do your best! Just a little more and you'll be in heaven!"


5. Wrong hole:


A settler visits a Negro camp to learn how the natives grow crops. All day long the Negro man worked digging rows of holes, one small hole leading to a larger hole. In small holes, they put seeds in, large holes put in bunches of dry straw as fertilizer. In the evening, he was invited to sleep with a pretty girl from the tribe. Every time he presses his *** into the girl's warm skin, she screams É!!! The guy enjoyed this feeling and did it over and over again during the night. The next morning he went back to the field, every time he put the seed in a big hole, a black warrior startled him with É!!! Laughing, he asked: "What does the letter É mean?". Black man said: "Wrong hole!!!"


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