Adult Jokes: Poor thief

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Adult Jokes: Poor thief


A family of gangsters after a tiring day of organizing a wedding party. On the night of the wedding night, the groom said to his father, "Tonight is my wedding night, I ask you to stand outside to be the referee for me and my wife."


Dad: “Okay. Son and daughter-in-law are still growing up. I'm not biased. Tonight, the two of you must decide whether to win or lose."


The three of them didn't know that at this moment on the ceiling there was a professional thief who broke into the house in the late afternoon, waited until late at night, the whole family went to bed and carried all the belongings. But unfortunately for him, he chose which room to hide and did not choose, he went to choose the bride and groom's flower room


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Waiting for so long, the thief was too weak, partly because he was hungry, so he fell asleep when he didn't know. At this time, the father standing outside the room solemnly bellowed: "Come on, draw your sword!"


The thief who was sleeping heard the startled scream, heard the old man tell him to draw his sword, thought he had been discovered, so he hurriedly opened the roof and jumped into the luxuriant bushes nearby to hide, trembling like a plow ^^



The father bellowed again: "Smash the bush"


"Damn it, did he find out that I really am?" The thief panicked and quickly got out of the bushes, jumped into a nearby well to hide.


Meanwhile, the father was still enthusiastic about his "duty" as a referee. He shouted: “Do your best, son. Stir up the deep well…”


"This time, there's no way out." I can't believe this elaborate gangster family is so profound, determined to kill me. The thief had to climb up from the well, to come in front of the father who surrendered to beg for his life in his daze and the bride and groom were "inconclusive".


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